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Sexual dysfunction


Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction is a clinical term used by doctors and mental health professionals to refer to a specific problem with sexual response that causes personal distress. Sexual dysfunction is often used interchangeably with the term sexual disorder.
A sexual dysfunction or disorder is distinguished from a sexual problem, because a problem may not be bothering someone, whereas to qualify as a sexual dysfunction it must be causing you stress.

The ways that professionals define sexual dysfunction change over time, but most definitions relate to some aspect of human sexual response. There are four commonly used categories of sexual dysfunction, which include:

Sexual desire disorders. This category includes not enough desire, a significant difference in desire between you and your partner, and a complete aversion to sex. One example of a sexual desire dysfunction is hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Arousal disorders. This category includes a lack of response to sexual stimulation both physically (for example, erectile dysfunction or lack of lubrication), and mentally (where one simply doesn’t feel aroused even when they want to and are sexually stimulated). More recently, a disorder called persistent genital arousal disorder has been identified where women experience too much arousal that isn't in response to stimulation they identify as sexual.

Orgasm disorders. This category includes orgasming and/or ejaculating "too soon" (premature ejaculation), as well as having difficulty reaching orgasm, or not experiencing orgasm at all.

Sexual pain disorders. Dyspareunia is the term for pain during sex. Pain may occur during or after sex, and may happen in response to arousal, to stimulation, or to orgasm. Both men and women report sexual pain disorders, but they are reported much more among women.