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What is sexual dysfunction?

What is sexual dysfunction?Sexual disfunctions are determined as physical problems that does not allow to the pairs or individuals to participate, extract satisfaction from a sexual commonunication and test an orgasm. Sexual variations or unconventional sexual behavior ignore sexual disfunctions, as participants express the consent to the contacts such, are adult and enjoy a sexual contact. A correction is required only in the case when unconventional sexual behavior brings to the origin for participants feelings over of guilt or alarm that reduces sexual pleasure and negatively affect on sexual intercourse. Sexual disfunctions meet both in the environment of heterosexuals and among homosexuals.
As physiological mechanisms of sexual excitation and orgasm have universal character not depending on a sexual orientation, we hope that this head will appear useful to all readers. She focuses first of all on those varieties of sexual disorders in that a leading role is played by an alarm and stress. If to talk more precisely, then in this head speech is conducted about violations of erection for men and orgasm for women. Sickly sexual intercourse behaves to the problems of woman orgasm, and that is why the interference sent to permission of this problem is considered in the special division of this head. Violation of erection is the most frequent sexual problem men run into that. Erectile insufficiency is inability of man to arrive at or support erection.
It can be related to somatic violations, either with psychological or with combination both. About 35 % all violations of erection are caused by somatic factors. Night erections are a characteristic sign. If a man has erection in sleep, then, probably, his difficulties in sexual life in the day-time are unconnected with somatic violation. An important step in establishment of reason of violation of erection is a complete urology inspection. For the estimation of character of violation at disposal of urologist besides data of examination there is a row of tests.
These tests suppose the row of researches, beginning from the laboratory estimation of night dream to simple domestic dough, when a man ties around a penis tape that gets untied in case of offensive of night erection. Below in a scope you will find procedure of type declaration "do" that is called to estimate connection of your erectile difficulties with physiological or emotional processes. Most people, both woman and man, at some instant of the life run into one or another difficulties of sexual character. In typical case these difficulties have transient character and the appearance is under an obligation to the situatioonal factors. For example, a woman that before tested an orgasm at sexual relationships with one partner can run into difficulties of his achievement at entering into an intimate contact with a new man.