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The sexual response cycle

The sexual response cycleThe cycle of sexual reaction has four phases: excitation, plateau, orgasm and permission. These phases are passed by both men and women, in spite of the fact that the temporal scopes of these phases differ usually for them. For example probability is that both partners will attain an orgasm simultaneously, small. In addition, intensity of reaction and time necessary on every phase are varied for everybody. Understanding of these distinctions can help partners it is better to understand bodies and responses of each other, and to improve the sexual experience. An organism of everybody is under influence of biological rhythms that directly affect feel and sexual excitability of man and woman. Certainly behavior of man and woman is in different cycles different from each other.
Sexual cycles for men also depend on the level of hormones that really render affecting feel and sexual attractiveness of strong half of humanity. As a rule, the level of orchid hormone has ability to change during 22th days; id est. the slump of hormones is 11 days marked, whereupon there is a splash. Every respecting itself man (and also every clever woman) knows that foodstuffs are, that render the positive affecting sexual force of man, therefore in the period of calm plugs them in the ration of feed in a megascopic dose. Also on sexual life of man annual or seasonal cycles lay on an imprint. For this reason March and October-November become for a man most bright and active for months in regard to sexual excitability. Between a woman and man distinguish daily allowance cycles. For example, the peak of sex appeal for a woman is fixed at 22 o'clock, and for a man - at 7 o'clock of morning. It is necessary to take into account these phases, that will allow more correctly to outlive the slumps of sexual activity together, but not to create scandals on an even place.
On behavior of man not only sex but also way of life, level of education, sexual cycle renders influence. Sexual cycles for a woman are subject to the monthly cycle that consists of 28 lunar days. In the different phase of moon the individual state of organism, mood, sex appeal, general feel is assumed etc. On this basis, the menstrual cycle of woman also makes 28 days. The low level of estrogen is marked in the 1-5th day of lunar period that takes to the minimum the level of desire and appetence of woman to opposite sex. Therefore in the indicated days woman not only does not need attention of man but also becomes less attractive in the eyes of man.