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Oral STD Symptoms

Oral STD Symptoms
This article dwells on different oral STD symptoms in both men and women which a person can have by indulging in oral sex. Read on to know the common symptoms of oral STD along with some necessary information on oral STD transmission...In today's world, where people are sexually active, that too at a very young age, sexually transmitted diseases are very common. STDs are diseases or infections which get transmitted from one partner to the other through oral, anal and vaginal sex. Research shows that over 65 million people in the US are infected with STD, and other countries are definitely not far behind. Moreover, people between the age groups of 16 to 26 years are more prone to get infected by STDs. However, many people feel that oral sex is a safe sex and doesn't hold any risks for getting STDs. But the fact is that chances of getting an STD due to oral sex are high, though they are slimmer than the chances of transmission due to vaginal or anal sex. Also oral STD symptoms in men and women are not very obvious, so as a result, most people are unaware that they have been infected by an STD. In the following section, we will discuss the common oral STD symptoms, with respect to their corresponding sexually transmitted disease.

Symptoms of an Oral STD

Herpes or genital herpes, is a common oral sexually transmitted disease caused by different strains of herpes virus and is transmitted through close contact with the mucus covered linings of the oral, vaginal or genital skin. The common herpes symptoms include:
Small, red open blisters on the genitals and in the mouth
Pain or itching around the genital area, buttocks and inner thighs
Swollen lymph nodes in the groin region
Low grade fever and headache
Syphilis is a bacterial infection which gets easily transmitted through oral sex. The disease mainly affects the genital areas as well as the mucus membranes in the mouth. The common symptoms of syphilis are:
Small, painful sores on the infected region like genital area, buttocks, tongue or lips
Enlarged and swollen lymph nodes
Red skin rashes and small reddish brown sores all over the body
Sore throat, one of the common STD symptoms in mouth
Fever and headaches
Gonorrhea is one of the oldest STDs which gets transmitted via oral, vaginal or anal sex. It is a bacterial infection, caused by Neisseria gonorrheae bacteria, that thrives only on moist places in the body like vagina, cervix, rectum and even back of the throat. Gonorrhea symptoms include:
Pain and swelling of the genitals
Thick, cloudy or bloody secretion from the penis or vagina
Burning or itching in the genital areas
Pain or burning sensation while urinating
Frequent urination
Pain during sexual intercourse
HPV and Genital Warts
Genital warts are another common type of oral STD which is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). The warts usually develop in the mouth or throat of the person who had oral sex with an infected person. In women, they may also grow on the vulva, cervix, and the area surrounding the vagina and anus. While in men, they may develop at the tip or shaft of the penis, scrotum and anus. The various signs and symptoms of genital warts include:
Pain and bleeding during intercourse
Swelling in the genital area
Itching or burning sensation in the genital area
Wart like bumps in the mouth or on the lips
Chlamydia is a common STD caused by bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis which is found in the cervix, urethra, rectum and even throat. The symptoms usually appear several days to weeks after contact. These symptoms include:
Increased vaginal discharge
Pain during sexual intercourse
Burning or itching sensation while urinating
Frequent urination
Hepatitis A, B or C are basically viral infections caused due to inflammation of the liver. Oral or anal contact with the infected person can definitely increase the risks of having hepatitis A and B. The common symptoms of hepatitis are:Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Nausea and vomiting
Muscle ache and joint pain
Oral STD symptoms are not easily recognizable and usually show up after a week or so. However, the only way to prevent them is to practice safe sex, i.e. using condoms and by not having multiple sex partners. I hope the information given in this article on oral STD symptoms in women and men proves to be informative and helpful to you all.