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How to Make Love for the First Time

How to Make Love for the First Time
Before I get down to suggest ways on how to make love for the first time, I would like to put in a word of caution. Beginners, get one thing straight and clear, your first sexual experience might not turn out to be what you had imagined. It is certainly not like the way they show in the movies, forget about all the adult stuff you have seen previously. Reality can be far from what is portrayed up there. A simple suggestion would be to try and enjoy the experience by making it a pleasant and happy one. As a first timer is also not aware as to how his body will react to certain stimulus, it is better to take it easy and slowly. Right from how to start and when to start, there is anxiety and anticipation in the minds of most couples who are going to have sexual intercourse for the first time. However, beginners have to understand that since this is going to be a new feeling for both the partners, they've to carefully make the occasion a pleasant experience. Both the partners must understand that both are equally nervous about the first time experience and so they must act together. Communicate correctly and shed hesitations, most importantly nervousness.

First time sex can certainly kick start of many more pleasurable experiences to come in the near future. However, ensure you make this one memorable (and also take it as an opportunity to learn a lot!). Now, focus on some tips for first time sex. Ensure you follow these tips as they will be of great help to you. Since this is your first time try and ensure both partners know the several consequences this act can have on their lives. It's all about your values and how you perceive sex. For your proper sexual health ensure that you're physically and emotionally prepared for this act. Using condoms and safe sexual practices is a good habit during sexual intercourse, especially for the first time. Ultimately, it's your choice, so be ready to enjoy and proceed further.

Firstly, You can use several arousal tips as mentioned in the above part of this article, you can bring each other in the mood for a memorable experience. This equally applies for ladies. For first time sex, you should spend maximum time reading each others body signals and must be playful. While men can certainly arouse ladies, women too can take the driving seat and initiate the act. It's often more arousing for most men. Ladies, its not bad to know some ways of how to turn a guy on so that it increases the comfort and ease of the situation. And still, if you're not very clear that what is that men exactly want from you, then equip yourself with what men like in women. So, now you have set the stage. Let the action begin.

Agreed, first encounters may not always turn out to be very successful and so you needn't crib about that. It's just a start and so, if you don't feel like proceeding further (this applies to both the partners), you can stop. It's fine to tell your partner if you're not comfortable. The funny part about first sex is that it may happen with few minutes, intense, hot and in a hurry, or it may not happen because of your nervousness. Inexperience is certainly evident during first intercourse. So take everything as an enjoyable experience. With experience you'll master the art (experience makes a man complete).

These were some of the few tips on how to make love to a woman. Remember, that there are no hard and fast rules for sexual pleasure. The more comfortable partners are with each other, the better they can communicate their desire and expectations. Sexuality is all about utilizing this energy given to us for leading a more enriching and fulfilling life.

A wise guy once said that two ordinary beings, if are connected with each other, can have extraordinary sex. While two extraordinary beings, if not connected, do end up having ordinary sex. Whatever be the case, the bottom line is that loving someone deeply is certainly a blissful experience and physical intimacy certainly adds sparks and color to that! So, if you both are in the mood then, let your lady know in no uncertain ways that you too know how to make love to a woman. Share this with your girl and build on your relationship creating beautiful everlasting memories. Best Wishes.