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Erections in the Unborn too!

Erections in the Unborn too!
It is no wonder that even unborn male kids within the womb also have erections that have been recorded thanks to technology. Any stimuli for that matter, be it erotic books, or lingerie, or even phone sex can cause an erection. And because it is involuntary a movement, it needs to be trained, especially as this proves beneficial at a later stage. Like all of us go through various periods in life, slotted by age and time, there are certain exercises that could be performed to actually train your fly. In Yogic terms, it is known as the ‘Vrajoli Mudra’ or simply put, the start stop technique. While growing up, all teenage boys experience the ‘Wet Dream‘ phenomenon.

This is a clear indication of the act of erection being involuntary. The ‘Vrajoli Mudra’ helps is training the fly, to an extent that you could even have ample control over your erections. Many people think this act to be wrong. According to me, this would be nothing more than a form of exercise, persevered in times when its needed most. Most of my friends have been honest enough in telling me that it’s not always easy for them to coax their husbands’ from indulging themselves, sexually speaking.

A woman’s mind is not trained into believing that she has to warm her man’s bed at his whims and fancies. The ‘Vrajoli Mudra’ helps in easing the air between the spouses. Nothing more than a start stop technique, this ‘Mudra’ helps in restraining yourself from getting an erection. This way you may have an erection at your own will. Of course it isn’t as easy as I have explained it to be, but then when your wife is concerned, I don’t think it’s that difficult! After all, sexual understanding in your partner guarantees you to have a great life ahead. Erections can also play with your feelings, they can be nasty, and may occur at the times when you least expect them to. It’s important to have a healthy sex life and when we talk of a healthy one, then we also need to bear in mind all those aspects that may be harmful for you and could possibly mar a relationship altogether.