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Ways to Avoid Miscarriage

Ways to Avoid Miscarriage
The following article will take you through some of the ways to avoid miscarriage and bring your pregnancy to term without any health problems. Read if you've ever worried about this topic.Not until a woman gets pregnant and becomes a mother does she feel like a complete woman they say. I don't know how many of you agree with this statement but this much you've got to agree that pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most unique and special experiences in a woman's life. And every woman wants to have a normal and healthy pregnancy and see her pregnancy come to term without any health risks, but that does not always happen. There are times when women have miscarriages due to some reason or the other and then the emotional and mental trauma that they have to deal with cannot really be imagined or noted down into words. And that is why this article comes your way to provide you with some natural ways to avoid miscarriage. Read so that you up your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Ways to Prevent Miscarriage

What can cause a miscarriage? A miscarriage usually happens within the first 15 weeks of pregnancy and could be caused due to two main reasons. One, that the embryo is not strong enough to develop into a healthy baby, and two, the environment of the womb is not compatible enough to support the growing embryo. These are the two main reasons that should be looked into for preventing miscarriages. The remainder of this article deals with some of the best ways to avoid miscarriage.

Regular Checkups
If you've ever had a miscarriage before, you'll need to be extra careful when conceiving after miscarriage. Even if that is not the case, you need to still be careful. The best ways to avoid miscarriage is to have regular check ups done to detect if anything is wrong in the beginning itself so that it can be corrected. When a couple decides to conceive, both should go in for regular check ups and pregnancy tests to up their chances of how to get pregnant fast and easy. Other than the regular check ups you might be asked to do some other tests like:
Chromosome testing
Hormonal imbalance
Blood clotting tendency
Cervical strength
Quality of semen
Immunity count against German measles (Rubella)
Maintain a Healthy Diet
The diet plays a major role in maintaining the health of a woman and making sure that the environment in which the embryo grows is a conducive and nurturing one. Not only should one have a pregnancy diet that has all the basic food groups, but along with that also make sure that there are other health supplements that are consumed. Some of these include zinc, vitamin C, folic acid, proteins, fats (milk products mainly) and any other supplements like calcium that your doctor recommends.

Avoid Stress
How to avoid a miscarriage? Think happy thoughts and avoid stress. This is the point that most women ignore, whereas this should be right up there with the other factors. When you stress out and dwell on negative thoughts and feelings, you are producing an acidic environment that is harming your baby to no end. It has been scientifically proven that the kind of thoughts you have have a direct effect on your baby, if you are stressed and tensed, the baby will be severely affected. That is why it is said that you should always be happy and do things that make you happy during your pregnancy.

Doing some form of daily pregnancy exercises or relaxation techniques (yoga or tai chi) is a must and should be done at any cost to keep your body fit and free of any diseases. Just make sure that you do not start out with some form of strenuous exercises after you get pregnant. If on the other hand, you've always been exercising then you need not stop. But always, always consult a doctor about the kind and degree of exercises that you should be doing.

Things to Avoid
These are some of the things that you should completely stop when you decide to get pregnant and once you are pregnant. These are some of the ways to avoid miscarriage:
Completely stop smoking (passive as well) and drinking or using any other substance abuse drugs as well. This goes for the male partner as well, 'coz these things will severely affect the quality of the semen and thereby the health of the baby and increase the chances of miscarriage.
Avoid caffeine and junk foods as they are loaded with bad fats that do nothing for your health.
Avoid any electrical appliances for use like food from the microwave, sleeping on a water bed, using an electrical blanket, avoid X rays etc.
Make sure that you do not get infected with herpes, fever and other infections because taking certain medication drugs becomes impossible during pregnancy.
Do not expose yourself to pesticides, paint fumes, pollen and cat or dog litter and insecticides.
These were some of the ways to avoid miscarriage and make sure that you enjoy a pregnancy to full term without any health complications. Having a baby in your arms at the end of it all will make it all worth it.