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Artificial Insemination at Home

Artificial Insemination at Home
Artificial insemination at home is the smartest and easiest remedy for infertile couples and also for those who wish to enjoy motherhood but without the intervention of a male partner. This article presents a detailed explanation regarding all the aspects of home artificial insemination in humans.Artificial insemination at home is relatively less costly and noninvasive. To define it in simple terms, artificial insemination (AI) is a procedure wherein, the male's sperm is injected into the women's vaginal tract artificially. This procedure may involve placing the sperm in the neck of the cervix [known as intracervical insemination (ICI)], base of the cervix [known as intravaginal insemination (IVI)], inside the womb itself [known as intrauterine insemination (IUI)], or inserting the sperm into the fallopian tubes [intratubal insemination (ITI)]. Here is an insight into home artificial insemination in humans.

Artificial Insemination Process at Home
The process of human artificial insemination is carried out when the female is most likely to ovulate. Ovulation is known as the most fertile time of the month when there are the maximum chances of conceiving. It usually occurs 14 days before the start of periods and it is when an egg is released during the menstrual cycle.

Once you have got the sperm specimen from a sperm bank or an artificial insemination donor, the first step would be to attain a comfortable position in a bed (preferably) with your hips raised with a cushion. This position helps to give the inserted sperm a 'head-start' in their journey.

Now, take a needle-less syringe and draw in air and then push out all the air. Thereafter, tilt the sperm container and draw in all the sperm. Ensure that there is no bubble formed inside the syringe.

Insert the syringe gently into the vagina as far as possible and inject the sperm. Remove the syringe and relax by not moving for about 30 minutes. This helps the sperm to reach the egg. After the procedure, it is advisable to have orgasm so as to increase the success rate of the artificial insemination. This can be done by stimulating the clitoris. It helps the cervix dip into the vaginal pool and suck up sperm and thus increases the chances of the sperm to reach the egg.

Intracervical insemination (ICI) and intravaginal insemination (IVI) share similar methods of execution which have been listed above. They are considered to be the easiest of all. However, for other methods such as the intrauterine insemination (IUI) and intratubal insemination (ITI), it is necessary that you consult your health care provider or a medical practitioner in order to seek the required advice and information.

Artificial Insemination Equipment
Depending on the types of artificial insemination at home, the equipments generally consists of a needle-less syringe or oral medicine syringe; cervical cap, diaphragm; collection bag or condom and mild germicidal soap. Other artificial insemination kits that can be availed include basal thermometers, kits for ovulation and pregnancy tests and tests for fertility in men and women. It is extremely important to note that all such equipments must be purchased after consulting a qualified medical personnel.

Artificial Insemination Cost
Generally, it goes to about $300 - $500 per attempt, when it comes to the cost of artificial insemination. Now this amount may vary depending on the success from the first attempt. According to records, success rate of achieving pregnancy through artificial insemination is about 10 to 20 percent and so a minimal of five to ten attempts are required. Artificial insemination is not a foolproof procedure, as it has also been found that some patients were never able to get pregnant even after several attempts. The prices may also vary according to the centers where artificial insemination is performed. For more information, read on artificial insemination cost.

There are several factors that can affect fertility in couples who want to have a baby. In some cases, it is a different outlook towards life which some women have and that is to mother a child without a male partner (or without any contribution of a male). Whatever, the reason may be, all boils down to one single aspect and that is 'motherhood'. So, human artificial insemination at home is considered to be a boon for mankind in different kinds of forms. The beauty of this medical breakthrough is that the pregnancy achieved by this method is no different from the normal one. What's more important is bringing in a new life and nurturing it with care and love!