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Increase Fertility Naturally

Increase Fertility Naturally
Ways to increase fertility naturally is important for couples facing difficulty in conceiving. Natural fertility enhancing measures help to increase the chances of conception. This article mulls on how to increase fertility naturally.Baby planning can become quite distressing and frustrating for couples struggling to conceive. The term 'fertility' stands for the probability of conceiving. Being fertile means the possibility of becoming pregnant is high and one will conceive sooner or later. There are several factors that affect the fertility of a person. For a woman to be fertile, her body needs to ovulate every month. However, production of a viable egg from her end is not enough. The man also needs to produce viable sperms to fertilize the egg and produce a zygote. Factors such as ovulation problems, endometriosis, blocked tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc. can hamper conception. Read more on infertility in women reasons.

Several people encounter fertility problems and find conceiving very difficult. They realize they have fertility issues and get disappointed. However, one should remember that fertility problems should not be considered as sterility. In sterility, the egg or sperm produced are not fertile for zygote formation, whereas fertility issues refer to problems in conception even after a year of unprotected sex. One need not fret about this; one can increase fertility naturally and counter this issue. Let us move ahead to find out about how to increase fertility in women and men naturally. Read more on conception: preparing for pregnancy.

How to Increase Fertility Naturally

Fertility problems can be solved by adopting some simple measures that will help increase the chances of conceiving. Since fertility treatments can be quite expensive, it's best to increase fertility naturally. Natural methods are safe and inexpensive. Let us find out the different measures of how to increase fertility in women.

Determining the Ovulation Date
Having sex often and expecting to get pregnant eventually works for some couples, but not all. For increasing fertility naturally, one should know the date of ovulation to enhance chances of conception. Ovulation kits are available to help you identify your ovulation date. A device called basal thermometer detects your body's slightest temperature changes. Since body temperature increases when the body ovulates, you will know when to have intercourse and increase chances of conception. Moreover, keep a fertility calender, which will help you know when you ovulate. Having intercourse before the egg is actually released helps maximize chances of conception.

Determining the Right Sexual Position
While planning to have a baby, make sure you try out different sexual positions during intercourse. The chances of sperm fertilizing the egg is maximum when the sperm is deposited close to cervix of the woman. Moreover, the amount of sperm leakage after intercourse should be controlled.

Alcohol/ Caffeine/ Smoking
Alcohol consumption reduces one's chances of conceiving by half, as it affects both ovulation as well as sperm production. Eliminating alcohol for at least 3 months is essential to increase fertility rates. Moreover, caffeine from coffee and smoking can also reduce fertility. The couple should refrain from these 3 months prior to baby planning. Refraining from alcohol, caffeine and smoking for 3 months before trying to conceive is the answer of how to increase fertility in men.

Fertility Diet
A healthy diet helps correct hormonal imbalances in the body that may be hindering conception and is required to be consumed by both the man and the woman. It is important to consume a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Women need adequate amounts of folic acid, zinc, calcium, in their body. Prenatal vitamins are not just important when one is pregnant, but is also essential while preparing for pregnancy. One can consult the health care provider and consume suitable vitamins supplements.

Overweight or underweight women face difficulty in conceiving. Thus, it is important to exercise along with consuming a healthy diet. The excess fat in the body needs to be burned off by moderate exercising. As we know, the hormone estrogen affects fertility rates and inadequate or excess amounts of this hormone can result in hormonal imbalances conducing to infertility. Since 30% of estrogen comes from fat cells, it is crucial to exercise and shed off excess fat. Even if you are not overweight, exercising will keep you fit, help you relax and enhance the conceiving process.

Herbs to Increase Fertility
Herbs like Vitex, Tribulus and Maca help increase ovulation frequency, restore hormonal balance and stimulate hormones involved in ovulation, thereby increasing the chances of conception. Vitex is a popular herb used to treat infertility, as it normalizes the pituitary gland's functions and restores balance of estrogen and progesterone levels. Tribulus on the other hand helps improve sperm's viability. Maca also helps restore hormonal balance in the body. Read more on increase fertility in women

After the age of 40, production of viable eggs are difficult. Genetic complications and other problems make conception after the age of 40 very difficult. For more information on how to increase fertility after 40 read infertility in women over 40.