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Defining Arousal, may well be the most impossible thing under the sun. I mean how can you possibly define something that has been so obviously felt so far?Well at times, for the manís sake you just have toÖ After all men can understand only when told, so I have heard and experienced from time to time. So basically, arousal largely defines that special spark that ignites foreplay and that allows people to get into the trance like effect called the orgasm. For an even simpler definition, its, the male responses of the "bulbí and the female responses of the Ďironí that relates to arousal. Many men think it to be rather simple. The reason for them to think on these terms is simple too! Just make them dream and off they are on the beaches of Hawaii, with some busty babe, making advancesÖ See you caught on it too!

For women, we need to have a host of things that they cling their responses to, feelings, emotions, fragrances, locales, and the list is endless. But more often than not, these feelings of the Ďironí effect are permissible, considering that women take a longer time to get Ďhotí so as to speak. Of course there are other factors that accompany arousal. (Who said that we walk alone in life!) Thereís a lot of heavy breathing, with faster heartbeats and an even heightened blood pressure!

A lot of women donít experience this as they age. It has been proven that the skin tends to go dry, with the decrease in growth hormones and an organ like a vagina, cannot be far behind. Most women approaching or going through menopause experience vaginal dryness, but then like itís said earlier too, that allís in the mind; we still have many women who are equally sexually active, defying the age factor. More often than not these women donít have the fear for pregnancy that makes them sexually active human beings and joyfully so! Lets take a peek into all that happens in a manís body while this action is going on.

Men experience an obvious response to the stimulus of arousal Ė An Erection, or a hard on as it is popularly known. What they also face is a great sexual flush on their chests, erect nipples, and a really cool purplish colour on their penises. Most men might not have seen the last factor, unless of course they claim to be extremely athletic and can stretch in whichever manner that catches their fancy, but the fact that itís one colour no designer, however versatile can ever imagine.

There are acoustic signals too that run through the brain and the ears, inducing a general feeling of well-being. Iíd like to reflect here. When there are cases of a gang rape, this is one dominant feature that runs through the minds of the culprits. Being sadistic in approach, they are one set of nomads always on the prowl for such prey for those few seconds of pleasure. Anyways, coming back to our topic of arousal. The feeling of well-being also occurs when you are the front runner for something few of us indulge in; Urine therapy. Propagators of the Urine Therapy swear by its effects and the state of the mind is quite similar to that whilst Arousal.

Erection, which is the natural outcome of such a state, is yet again monitored by the brain, so if you canít control your brain, then you unleash a power so strong that unless you indulge in immense sexual activity, its difficult for you to get rid of the restlessness that envelops you! It has also been noticed that erection has also been observed in unborn male children. While in the womb, they have experienced erections, a fact thatís quite mystical to take in. For women the arousal state is rather paradoxical, as while on one hand it takes time to set in, on the other hand it leaves her body quite rapidly. Of course this differs from woman to woman, but it has been proven that this is largely the case. The bottom line is: for good sex, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. Donít take my word for itÖ Try it out yourselves!