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Can You Put It In A Bottle?

Can You Put It In A Bottle?
As soon as research on human pheromones became available, companies began to "market" the idea that certain pheromones could be sold that would attract men or create desire in women. Its important to note that no peer reviewed study suggests that human pheromones can be synthetically reproduced. They are something the body makes and each body is unique.

However, because we know pheromones are a natural attractor – the answer isn’t to buy more perfume but wear less. Don’t use heavy soaps or perfume, but let the natural smells of your body do your talking for you.

There is still a lot to learn about humans and the possibility the things we find attractive are more animal than environment. However, this intriguing notion is worth taking note of, and investigating. The next time you are looking for someone to take out on a hot date, let your nose do the choosing!