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Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones
Pheromones are not detected as conscious smells; itís very hard to study the effects they may have on human beings. How can you report what you smell, if you donít know you smell anything? The answer came with the discovery of the VNO ÖResearchers have known for years that a large part of human psychology and response can be triggered by smells. The smell of baking bread may remind you of your grandmotherís house and make you happy, or the smell of a raincoat might remind you of the time you got locked in the coat closet at school and make you frightened.

While we understand the power of conscious smells, scientists have discovered that our behavior may also be triggered by a series of unconscious smells as well. These odors, that we arenít aware of at a cognitive level can be the explanation behind attraction, mating and other human rituals. Letís took a moment to look at the amazing possibility of human pheromones.

Animal Anomalies
Pheromones are a known phenomenon in the insect and animal world. Secretions a bugís body can produce can do a number of things from mark territory so other species can smell and tell they are walking on someone elseís property to enhance mating and create an attractive scent that makes a potential mate more docile or willing.

Animal and insect experts have documented the role pheromones play in every thing from marking the trail to honey, to the reproduction cycle of monkeys. Throughout all that question and intriguing question came to light. If human beings are another kind of animal, do we have pheromones too? This led researchers to investigate human pheromones and create a startling series of discoveries.