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Testosterone Boosters and Their Functions

Testosterone Boosters and Their Functions
The scope of the term testosterone boosters includes various natural as well as synthetic substances, which when introduced to the body, increases the testosterone levels by manipulating the testosterone producing glands. These testosterone boosters may be in the form of certain food items, prescription drugs or body building steroids. Testosterone boosters may be taken in the form of steroidal or prohormone supplements by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and bone density. These are also prescribed to individuals who seek medical consultations with regards to various male sexual dysfunction related issues. Testosterone boosters work by stimulating the various testosterone producing glands (the testes and the adrenal glands, though the latter contributes only a small proportion of the composite amount of testosterone produced in the body) so that they produce larger quantities of this hormone to fill up the deficiency. These boosters also make the concerned glands healthier so that any adverse effect on them (owing to any disease or other illness) is reversed and they resume their full functionalities.How do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

The final effect of testosterone boosters, be it synthetic (creatine supplements and steroids) or natural options (herbs and herbal supplements, testosterone boosting food, etc.) is the same - they make the testes and adrenals healthier and stimulate them to produce more testosterone. The natural boosters have a more holistic approach though, which gives them an upper hand over the synthetic testosterone supplements. We know that every part and function of the body is somehow connected to or has an influence over all other parts and functions. Natural testosterone booster foods and herbs fortify the entire body by imparting valuable nutrients - vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. to the whole biological system, making the immune system and metabolism stronger so that the body is energized from inside and is able to offer stoic resistance to any kind of infection or disease, besides stimulating the testosterone producing glands in question. This ensures that while the glands become better at their function, this improved functionality is maintained and safeguarded by an overall healthy physiological constitution.

So what does a testosterone booster do? Well, it boosts your testosterone levels. The natural and herbal options also give offer you a lot more health benefits as a bonus! There are a large number of foods, herbs and spices that are believed to elevate the testosterone level by stimulating the glands. Potent among these are oysters, egg yolks, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, chicken, tribulus, terrestris, ginseng, nuts and the immune system boosting mineral zinc. These natural testosterone boosters manipulate your body and equip it to be able to produce higher quantities of testosterone. Also, regular exercising is a good way to supplement the actions of these natural herbs and food items in enabling the body to spike up testosterone production. Recent studies have proved that including moderate amounts of fats in your diet improves the health of the testes. However, make sure you eat healthy fats, especially monounsaturated, to reap the most amount of benefits and suffer the least amount of undesirable health consequences.