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Does Vitamin D Increase Testosterone Levels

Does Vitamin D Increase Testosterone Levels
A lot of health benefits have been attributed to the sunshine vitamin, the latest to join the bandwagon being its possible ability to boost testosterone levels. So, does vitamin D increase testosterone levels? Read ahead to find out!It's the whole testosterone thing. We like to shoot guns and blow things up. ~ Tim Mitchell

Like it or not, that's the way men are, have been and always will be! Even the meekest, nerdiest among the male populace will have greater interest in stuff that's at least adrenaline pumping if not downright violent. Don't believe me? Well, the next time you go visit that studious, geeky friend of yours, make sure to check out his video games collection - shoot me in my head if you don't find the likes of Call of Duty, Transformers, Metal Gear, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto among his games collection. Even then, the covers of these would probably be worn out more than the others owing to the great number of times they've been played and handled! Just as the meekest and smallest of dogs is a wolf at heart, the shiest and timidest specimen of the human male population is still a testosterone tank.

Although even women have some amount of testosterone in them, the levels are not as high as those in men and the effects of testosterone are usually overridden by the high levels of the female hormone, estrogen. Now, speaking of the titular issue about the possible connection between vitamin D and testosterone levels, is it really true? Does a healthy vitamin D intake by the body contribute towards increasing testosterone levels? Let's find out!