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Sexual health mainBecause a sex appeal is considered the personal question, probably you a bit heard of sexual problems that come with age. Fortunately, there are good news for most healthy old men - sexual pleasure and interest do not diminish with age. Most people are sexually active during all life, regardless of whether they have a permanent partner, and many feel the real sexual freedom in a sear and yellow leaf. Approximately in 50 of man and woman begin to notice changes in a libido and sexual reaction. Unlike other physical changes that develop with age, these changes are not a sign that you lose a sex appeal. Rather, you must adjust to them and frankly to talk about it with your partner and/or doctor. A sexual contact can become a sickly process because vaginal walls become thinner (regular sex often helps to overcome this inconvenience). You are not helped by greasing on the basis of water, will talk with your doctor about vaginal cream with maintenance of estrogen that does vaginal walls less thin and sensible. You noticed sexual changes that are unconnected with the natural process of aging, will talk with your doctor. There are a number of medications that can cause the problems of sexual character, and also diseases that influence on a sex appeal. Adaptation to the sexual changes related to aging. By means of small experiments and patience, you can adjust to the sexual changes and satisfy your sexual and intimate necessities. If you think that your medications or diseases influence on your sexual interest, consult by your doctor, how to correct this situation. Talk with your partner about all your fears that you were able together with them to manage. Spare time to the love games. Use greasing, if vaginal dryness or irritation is a barrier to pleasure.
If you use an alcohol, then remember that the small amount of alcohol can weaken you and promote your sexual reaction, while plenty of alcohol will prevent only. In independence from age there always is a risk to catch up a venereal disease. Practice the protected sex, exept for the cases when you were recently checked for venereal diseases, or you are absolutely sure that you both were monogamous during many years. If you accept medicine that was prescribed to you by a doctor, and think that it somehow can influence on your sexual interest and activity, will talk the doctor. He can advise you to change a dose or accept some other medicine without side effects.