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HPV Transmission Facts

HPV Transmission Facts
HPV is transmitted most commonly through sexual means although HPV transmission facts show that non sexual mode of transmission of the infection is also possible. Here are some HPV transmission facts that will help us to understand how this infection spreads.HPV or the Human papillomavirus is the term that is used collectively for about 100 different types of viruses. These virus cause plantar and genital warts or other skin warts. They are also associated with cervical cancer, cervical and vaginal dysplasia in women. Besides causing genital warts, HPV transmission in men manifest as anal cancer and penile cancer. While some are high risk varieties, others are not so harmful. Symptoms of HPV infection occur weeks and often months after the infection has actually taken place. On the skin these warts occur in clusters looking like a cauliflower. In women these warts occur in the vagina, vulva or the cervix. In men they may appear as penal warts. Here are some HPV transmission facts that would help us in avoiding contracting infection caused by these virus.

HPV Transmission Facts
HPV is transmitted through skin to skin contact. Touching someone or something infected by the virus and then touching one's genital without washing hands is a method of HPV transmission.
Although a common sexually transmitted disease, intercourse is not always the only way of sexual transmission of the disease. Genital or sexual contact with one who is infected can cause HPV transmission in a healthy individual.
In most cases sexual transmission of HPV is through vaginal or anal intercourse. Transmitting HPV through oral sex is not uncommon.
HPV transmission through non sexual means is controversial. Although a study on HPV transmission facts did show that HPV can be transmitted through handshake, more research is required in this direction.
By this parameter HPV transmission through kissing is a possibility. As per medical practitioners, theoretically, mouth to mouth kissing should not transmit the virus. However, a study has shown that French kiss does spread the HPV. Probability of oral HPV infection increases with increase in the number oral sex or open-mouthed kissing partners .
HPV transmission facts show that an infected mother can pass this infection to her baby during delivery. This infection is manifested in children in the form of warts in the throat or voice box (known medically as laryngeal papillomatosis). To prevent this transmission, C-section during childbirth in women with genital warts is discouraged.
An HPV transmission fact that gives greater respite about contracting the infection is that it is not transmitted through towels, toilet seats or eating from the same bowel.
Condoms are not foolproof in preventing HPV transmission.
In case a child suffers from HPV infection, it is a strong indication of sexual abuse.
Non penetrative sexual contact is the reason for HPV transmission in virgins
Preventing HPV Transmission

The best way to prevent HPV transmission is to avoid multiple sex partners. Committed couples who are strictly monogamous stand a less chance of contracting the infection. As this infection can be transmitted by touching one's genitals with infected hands, it is always advised to wash one's hand with a disinfectant before touching private parts. While having sex, it is best not to rely on condoms for preventing HPV transmission as they do not prevent the areas like the scrotum, vulva and the anus in coming in contact. These are places where these virus survive and can infect a healthy partner even during intimate encounters that does not include intercourse. Female condoms provide better protection as they reduce skin to skin contact between the partners. HPV vaccine is another option for preventing HPV transmission. Although this vaccine not ensure complete immunity from HPVs it does provide protection from five types of HPV that are most commonly associated with cervical cancer and genital warts. These vaccines are recommended for women. Studies about effectiveness of these vaccines in men is still being studied. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco, stress and other viral infections like HIV or herpes puts one at high risk of contracting the infection.

HPV Tests

As already said, one may carry the virus but might not be aware of the infection as it may take a some time before the symptoms of genital warts or other skin warts become evident. Women are tested for HPV infection through a pap smear test that detects cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer. For men there are not tests available to test HPV.