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Common STD Symptoms

Common STD Symptoms
People with high risk sexual behavior are more prone to acquire STDs. This article tells you about common STD symptoms, that will help you identify the disease and treat it effectively.Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are also known as sexually transmitted infections, that are passed on to another person during sexual encounters. There are various types of STDs that can be detected by identifying different symptoms. Some of the STDs can be cured easily and some take more time to get eradicated. At times, it is very annoying and uncomfortable to bear STDs. Apart from this, it also affects your sexual life and overall health. A mother infected with STDs can pass the disease to the fetus and it can be quite complicated. So, it is advisable to treat STDs as soon as possible. As I mentioned earlier, different type of STDs have different symptoms, but there are certain common STD symptoms for all types of STDs.

What are Common STD Symptoms?

Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and AIDS are some of the most common STDs in men and women. Given below are some of the most common STD symptoms.

Painful Urination: It is one of the primary signs of STDs. Many men complain of burning sensation while urinating. Men do not experience any pain in the penis otherwise but only during urinating. This pain can be accompanied with prickly and tingling sensation. Many women also experience burning sensation while urinating, that is accompanied with pain and itching.

Urinal Discharge: This is one of the common STD symptoms in men. Some people also complain of a discharge while urination. The discharge is primarily passed while urinating but in some cases it is passed at random times. The discharge looks similar to the pus and it can vary in density and colors in individual cases. The discharge can be gray, yellow, white and green, and can be in a thick or thin liquid. Many times, this discharge has a foul odor.

Swelling: It is one of the important and common STD symptoms. Many infected people experience swelling on their genital organs. In case of men, the swelling may appear on penis, testicle, or both and in case of women, the swelling appears on vaginal area, including vulva. Many times, the swelling is accompanied with itching and pain. This can be very embarrassing as a person has to pacify the itchy feeling by scratching it. This can be one of the early symptoms of gonorrhea, herpes, or chlamydia.

Anal Infection: People with STDs also suffer from anal infection when they acquire STDs. They experience painful and uncomfortable bowel movements and constantly feel ticklish in the buttocks. The infection can spread to the rectum that results in itchy, cranky, and bleeding rectums. One of the other common STD Symptoms is lowered immunity. For example, in STDs such as AIDS the person is more susceptible to acquire other diseases.

Genital Warts: Genital warts are characterized by raised, red, rough patches on the genital skin. They may appear on the genital area or genital organs. At times, warts are accompanied with itching and pain. One of the common STD symptoms in women is body ache and vaginal bleeding other than menstrual bleeding. Many people also suffer from sores or blisters on the genitals.

Sexual Dysfunction: A lot of people with STD also experience sexual dysfunctions as STDs affect their sexual health. Various men suffer from erection problems that result in the inability to acquire orgasm. Women too experience decreased libido and decrease in natural vaginal lubricant during sex. Many people also suffer from pain during sexual intercourse. All this results in unsatisfied painful sexual experiences.

These were some of the common STD symptoms in men and women. If you notice any of these, immediately consult the doctor who will prescribe you the medication as per the type of STD and its severity. Avoid sex with multiple partners and always use condoms during sex. It will help you keep the common STD symptoms at bay.