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Symptoms of a Miscarriage

Symptoms of a Miscarriage
In simpler words, lack of pregnancy symptoms tantamount to symptoms of miscarriage. However, this may not be always a case. Learn more about symptoms of a miscarriage in this article."No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why"

A loss of pregnancy, no matter at what stage, is a devastating experience for any couple. Miscarriage may only mean a medical accident, but for a couple who developed a bond with their baby as soon as they heard about conception, feel an emptiness in their life upon learning about the mishap. However, miscarriage need not necessarily spell a doom for your future chances of pregnancy. In this article we will look at some symptoms of miscarriage, that will enable you to recognize if you are having a safe pregnancy or not.

What are the Symptoms of a Miscarriage

The most important of all symptoms of having a miscarriage is heavy vaginal bleeding. Miscarriage bleeding is heavier than a period, often with clots and fetal tissue. If you experience bleeding at any point of time during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to call your medical practitioner right away. Though, this is an important miscarriage symptom, there have been cases where women have carried a pregnancy to full term irrespective of heavy bleeding. Cramping, back pain are some other crucial symptoms associated with miscarriage.

Early Miscarriage Symptoms

In fact 87% of women who have miscarriages go on to have successful pregnancies. Miscarriage statistics say that about 75% pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first two weeks of conception. However, this is even before the woman learns about her pregnancy. Miscarriages are more common during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Since, this is the time when the woman experiences maximum pregnancy symptoms, sudden loss of these symptoms directly point to a possibility of a miscarriage. Absence of morning sickness, loss of breast tenderness are some symptoms of an early miscarriage. However, these are not sure shot symptoms and signs of a miscarriage as many women do not experience these pregnancy symptoms in the first place. When we talk about early pregnancy symptoms such as symptoms of a miscarriage at 5 weeks or less, then HCG tests are the only reliable way of finding about a miscarriage.

Symptoms of a Missed Miscarriage

Missed miscarriage is said to have occurred when the fetus dies in the uterus but there are no evident symptoms of miscarriage such as heavy bleeding. Absence of pregnancy symptoms may point to a missed miscarriage in early pregnancy. During the second or third trimester, you may not feel the movement of baby inside you, if you have had a missed miscarriage. A Doppler test may detect the absence of heart beats of the baby. A vaginal ultrasound can effectively detect the presence or absence of the baby in your womb. Another obvious symptom of miscarriage in late pregnancy is your belly stops expanding, since there is no developing fetus.

After the fetus dies in the womb, your body begins preparing for a natural miscarriage. The fetal tissue along with other remnants of the pregnancy are expelled out of the body in the form of heavy vaginal bleeding after miscarriage. This process clears your uterus of all the traces of pregnancy. If this process does not happen naturally, you are at risk of developing an infection. Fever, chills, vomiting are some symptoms that you might experience, if the remnants of a terminated pregnancy are still inside your body. A process called D & C (dilation and curettage) is recommended to remove the tissues concerning the pregnancy. After this process, you should resume your normal period within 2 weeks.

You should wait for one complete menstrual cycle before you start trying for conception. Depending upon the study of symptoms of a miscarriage your doctor may diagnose the problem with previous pregnancy. This may help you to take due care during your next pregnancy