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Breast Problems in Men

Breast Problems in Men
Breast problems in men can lead to physical as well as emotional trauma on a large basis. If an individual is suffering from male breast problems, the problem should first be investigated and then diagnosed effectively...Yes, males don't have breasts like women, but they do have a small amount of breast tissue in their chest. Male breasts have recently become very common in men and it is a matter of great shame for men who suffer from it. Men who suffer from male breasts or gynecomastia slowly withdraw themselves from the outside world and live in the world of loneliness. The good news is that this condition can be treated with surgery and even medication, but it is very necessary to identify the various causes of male breasts, so that effective treatment procedures can be suggested.

Problems of the Breast for Men

Gynecomastia or male breasts affects more than two-thirds of growing boys and half of all men in the United States. This condition often triggers in puberty but gets resolved on its own within a matter of months, as the levels of hormones in the body stabilize. However, as these boys become men sometimes this condition persists. Why? As boys grown into men, they sometimes become overweight due to lack of exercise and unhealthy dietary habits. During puberty, the male sexual hormone known as testosterone rises to 30 times than in normal cases. The body of a man also has some amounts of estrogen present in it and during puberty, estrogen levels also rise considerably. Sometimes testosterone levels do not rise steadily and it undergoes quite a bit of fluctuation. This fluctuation in the levels of testosterone causes estrogen levels to rise and increase the size of breast tissue and this leads to male breasts or gynecomastia. Let's have a look at the various breast problems faced by men.

Calcium Deposits
The deposition of calcium crystals in breasts of men are very common. This health issue is also seen in women. These deposits are not dangerous but most people mistake it for breast cancer as these calcium crystals appear in the shape of lumps. This problem can be treated with simple medications prescribed by the doctor and surgery is only advised if the deposits become large in size and start paining.

Breast Cancer
Most people don't know much about male breast cancer but this doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It is very much there and is affecting men in large numbers. Male breast cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the breast tissue of men. Male breast cancer is very common in men who are in their 40's, though it can occur in men at any age. The most common symptoms are painless lumps in the chest, redness where the lump has occurred and experiencing certain discharge from the nipples. This life threatening health condition is curable if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Many men are too shy to visit their doctors just to show a breast lump and just because of this shyness more and more men are losing their lives to male breast cancer.

Klinefelter Syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome is a condition which is only seen in males. It occurs in men who are born with a extra X chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome is one of the most common genetic condition affecting males. Men who suffer from Klinefelter syndrome have underdeveloped testicles which directly affects the levels of testosterone in the body. Men may also suffer from low muscle mass, less facial hair and enlarged breast tissue. Symptoms of the Klinefelter syndrome usually depend on age, the most common signs are weak muscles, difficulty in speaking, male breasts, a much taller structure, long legs and short torso, shyness, infertility and poor sexual performance. Treatment usually depends on the individual and doctors prescribe medications and therapy sessions.

Runner's Nipple
One of the rare breast problems in men is runner's nipple. This condition is caused when the nipple becomes swollen or inflamed due to the constant friction with the shirt while running. This condition is observed in both males and females but is very common in males. If not taken immediate medical care, this condition can result in deep pain and infection. Although it is not dangerous in any form, this condition can create a lot of irritation while running. For effective treatment, it is advised that victims should clean the affected area with antiseptic and also use over the counter antibiotic cream to fight off the infection.

These were some of the most basic breast problems in men. Men having male breasts shouldn't feel shy and they should consult a qualified doctor on a priority basis. This problem can be very shameful to share with anyone, but keeping it a secret and not taking medical care is going to worsen it even further.