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Sexual dysfunction mainSexual disfunction is behaves to the problems during any phase of cycle of sexual response and interfere with one of partners or to test pleasure a pair from sex. The cycle of sexual response has four phases: excitation, plateau, orgasm and permission. Fortunately, most cases of sexual disfunction are curable; therefore it is so important to share the doubts with the partner and doctor. Many bodily or medical conditions can result in sexual problems. These terms are plugged in itself by diabetes, heart troubles and vascular diseases, neurological problems, hormonal disbalance, chronic illnesses, such as illnesses of buds or illness of liver, and also alcoholism and drug addiction. In addition, side influences of certain medicinal facilities, including some, can influence on a sexual desire and sexual function.
Among those run into them more other, people of superannuated, that it can be related to worsening of the general state of health, in connection with aging. Also known, as impotence, erectile disfunction is determined, as inability to attain or support erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Reasons of erectile disfunction are plugged in itself by illnesses influencing on the current of blood, such as atherosclerosis (compression of arteries); nervous break-downs, psychological factors, such as stress, depression, anxiety concerning the possibilities (nervousness in regard to that, whether he is able it will be to execute sexual intercourse); and damages of penis. Lowered desire, or the loss of libido behaves to lowering of desire to have sex or interest in sexual activity. The lowered libido can become the result of physical or psychological factors. It is related to the low level of hormone of orchid hormone.
It also can be caused by psychological problems, such as an anxiety and depression; by illnesses and medical states, such as diabetes and high arteriotony; by certain medicinal preparations, including some antidepressants and by difficulties in relations. Success of treatment of sexual disfunction depends on deep reasons of this problem. Well sexual problems that is related to the curable or recovered bodily condition respond to treatment. Small disfunction related to stress, often can fear or anxiety successfully treat oneself advising, education or improvement of level of commonunication between partners. In spite of the fact that sexual problems it is impossible to prevent, work with deep reasons of disfunction can help you it is better to understand a problem and better to manage with her, if she will arise up.