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Why Erectile Dysfunction Happens

Why Erectile Dysfunction HappensErectile dysfunction can occur for many different reasons, including nerve sensitivity, poor circulation and other problems with blood flow, a slowed heart rate, and low testosterone production.

If you have a neurological problem that affects the messages between the brain and the nerves of the penis, erectile dysfunction may occur. If you have high blood pressure or are taking medications to treat high blood pressure, blood flow and circulation can be affected, making it difficult to achieve an erection because there’s not enough blood flowing in to fill the penis. Diabetes can cause circulatory problems that inhibit blood flow, and damage nerves that receive messages from the brain signaling the penis to relax and fill with blood.

Psychological issues like depression, fear, and anxiety about sex and sexual performance can also affect the process of sexual stimulation and the messages sent to the brain.

In order to achieve an erection, your mind and body have to work together. When a breakdown in communication occurs — whether physical or emotional — working with your doctor to find exactly where the problem occurs is key to treating erectile dysfunction and, just as importantly, its underlying cause.