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Women's sexual response

Women's sexual response
Do all women have the same sexual feelings? No they don't. In actual fact, women vary enormously in their sexual drive. Some don't feel very interested in sex at all – whereas others are passionate and wild about it.
But an extraordinary change has taken place in the last 50 years or so. Back in the mid-20th century, it was generally felt by doctors that most women fell into the 'not very interested' group - and that only a few were enthusiastically sexy.

Men's sexual response

Men's sexual response
Even today, many females don't understand male sexuality. So this article is for women – especially women who can sometimes find it hard to understand what makes men 'tick' sexually.
But men might also find it useful to read what follows.

Benefits of the Human Sexual Response Model

Benefits of the Human Sexual Response Model
Scientists, doctors, and therapists talk about and study the “sexual response cycle” but it’s important to understand that this is an artificial creation imposed by researchers and not something that is universally experienced or agreed upon.

What is a Human Sexual Response Cycle?

What is a Human Sexual Response Cycle?
Human sexual response usually refers to things that we don’t consciously control. If your heart starts beating fast or you feel flush, that would be considered part of your sexual response. But choosing to take your clothes off because you’re partner is calling you to bed to have sex isn’t considered part of your sexual response (even though it’s a pretty reasonable response to feeling sexual!)

How does Erectile Dysfunction affect Intimate Relationships?

Every intimate relationship out there is different. What brings people together is quite interesting. So are the reasons that drive them apart. It may be hard to understand how the issue of erectile dysfunction can affect an intimate relationship. While most men dont have any control over it occurring they can help the challenges become something positive for the relationship.

Take Precautions Before Using the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Drug

In August 2003, the US FDA approved Levitra vardenafil as an erectile dysfunction treatment drug. Like Viagra, Levitra also belongs to a class of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors and therefore both the medicines work the same way. Levitra vardenafil helps men with impotence get sufficiently long and firm erections in response to sexual stimulation. However, the long-awaited competitor to Pfizer's blockbuster drug Viagra, Levitra was hailed better than Viagra in several studies as it remains effective in the body for a longer time, has fewer side effects and is safe for patients with heart diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication to Solve Erection Problem in Men

The main causes that lead to erectile dysfunction include high stress levels, fatigue, irregular lifestyle habits, and intake of other prescription drugs for treating medical conditions.

Erectile dysfunction problem is treatable when men take anti-impotence drugs such as Levitra. It is the latest drug that works on the same lines as Viagra and Cialis.

Comparison Of Sexual Dysfunction Medications

Male sexual dysfunction is one of the most common health problems affecting men and is more common with increasing age. Chronic ED affects about 5% of men in their 40s and 15-25% of men by the age of 65. Transient ED and inadequate erection affect as many as 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70.

Generic Drugs & Sexual Health

Generic drugs have illuminated the lives of millions of people worldwide. Their efficacy and cheaper price tag have made them approachable for everyone. The best part about these drugs is their viability and usefulness. They are able to provide the same benefits as compared to their branded version.

Treatment For Male Impotence

There are many reasons for impotence. Each impotent situation should be evaluated on its own to find out the root cause. Some men suffer with the problem in their early years, while others might go through life without any problems. What ever the causes are: it is not a good feeling for any man to face, to be unable to stand up when the moment calls for sexual intercourse.