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Help for Low Libido in Men and Women

Help for Low Libido in Men and Women
Scientists have yet to create a single pill to increase sex drive, but there are options for treating low libido, from hormone therapy to switching your antidepressant medication.
When your sex drive is low, it would be nice if getting interested in sex again were as easy as taking a pill. But there are no approved prescription drugs for men or women that are specifically designed to cure low libido.

However, doctors do have options for medically increasing libido. Here are some ways low libido can be evaluated and treated.

Checking Your Hormone Levels

Testosterone helps both men and women think about and want to have sex, so when testosterone levels go down, so can libido. And it’s normal for testosterone levels to drop gradually as you age.

A blood test can show whether your testosterone levels are low and if you need hormone therapy as a supplement. A normal range for men is 300 to 1,200 nanograms per deciliter, although different laboratories may consider a slightly different range as normal. For women, a testosterone level of 30 to 95 nanograms per deciliter is typically considered normal.