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Loss of libido

Loss of libidoLoss of libido Loss of libido is a basic problem, but not secondary in relation to other sexual difficulties, such as absence of erection. Absence of libido does not eliminate sexual satisfaction or excitation, but does sexual activity less credible. Diagnostic criteria: a defect or loss of libido is expressed in reduction of sexual fantasies, search of sexual stimuli, ideas about the sexual side of life, accompanied subjectively by a pleasant emotional tint; interest in realization of sexual activity with partners or to masturbation appears rarer, than it can be expected taking into account age without them, situations and earlier an usual level. Included (behave to this heading): frigidity, mionectic sexual appetence. Kaplan H. (1987) determines this state as for the pressed sexual appetence. ”. Master and ¬. Johnson (1986) name his "put on the brakes sexual desire"(YSD) and distinguish two basic signs of loss of libido: degree of sexual activity; absence for the subject of desire to show this activity.
Thus a desire includes sexual fantasies, displays of attention to the erotic stimuli and materials, ability to notice attractive potential partners, psychical and physical discomfort (sexual) at the forced abandonment from sex. There is a row of the biological (organic) violations, attended with a decline or absence of libido. For men most often it is related to the anhornomia that shows up the expressed decline of level of orchid hormone and more precisely his active metabolite in blood. To reasons of androgenic insufficiency take primary (related to the pathological changes in testicles) and secondary (by pathology of hypophysis and hypothalamus). Hormonal women over at rough disfunction of ovaries or their moving away quite often brings to the fall of erotic component of libido (to the positive reaction on erotic stimuli, including superficial caresses), and pathology, defiant the decline of level of androgens, can be accompanied by complete absence of interest in sexual intercourse (the sexual component of libido).
To other biological reasons often resulting in the decline of libido at persons of both sexes, take toxic influences (abuse substances, in particular by drugs); side action of some medicinal preparations (for example, neuroleptics or row of tranquilizers, hypotension preparations, such as Clophelinum); metabolic violations at presence of signs of hepatic, kidney or respiratory insufficiency; temporal epilepsy. A basic diagnostic value for attributing of cases of decline or loss of libido to this heading has an exposure for the patients of psychological mechanisms breaking a sexual desire, in default of obvious biological reasons of disorder. Absence or loss of sexual appetence can be observed at a number of pathosiss.