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Causes of Low Male Libido

Causes of Low Male Libido
There are multiple causes of low male libido and a holistic treatment approach works best in every case. Become aware of causes of low libido in men by reading the information presented below.Men are considered to have a high sex drive and it seems quite uncommon to find them suffering from problems of low sex drive. Contrary to the popular belief, issues of low male libido are more common in men than it is expected to be. There can be numerous causes of low male libido and medical experts categorize them in three broad subsets; namely, medical, emotional and environmental.

Reasons for Low Male Libido

Sexual well being is dependent on healthy state of mind, body and intimate relationship with your partner. Impairment in any of these factors can severely interfere with sexual health.

Medical Causes
One of the most common medical issue that men over 40 years of age encounter is that of low testosterone levels. While aging can lead to a drop in normal testosterone levels in men (male menopause), various genetic and medical factors can cause decrease in testosterone levels in young men. Since testosterone plays a major role in imparting sexual characteristics, a decrease in it can lead to other health complications. All this can lead to loss of interest in sex. Testosterone replacement therapy is considered a good option for curing this problem. However, only after proper diagnosis, a medical practitioner can suggest the option for testosterone therapy for men. Some other medical conditions that can interfere with libido in men are erectile dysfunction, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic pain and cardiovascular disease. Even intense backache or abdominal pain can very often kill the interest to have sexual intercourse.

Emotional Causes
Psychological causes of low male libido include lack of communication or inhibition among partners. Many a times, the same macho, wild man can be hesitant to discuss about sex issues with his partner. It is not that men don't have emotions and they're completely devoid of it. Scratch a little and every man has a softer side. Unresolved relationship issues create emotional distance amongst partners shutting them down for any sort of physical advancements. Failure or setback in professional life can also be sometime the reason for depression in men leading to loss of interest in sex life.

Environmental Causes
The problem of low libido in men is mostly compounded or aggravated due to several environmental factors. Stress is rated to be one of the biggest causes of low libido in young men as it sucks the ability of mind and body to focus on relationships. A decreased sexual drive can also result from something as simple as lack of sufficient sleep. Amongst major reasons that trigger low libido incidents in men, main are alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse. The menace of indulgence in excess can't be stated in words as it impairs the ability to think and act as per normal behavior. Men who're under some sort of treatment and are taking medications like antidepressants are at higher risk of experiencing low libido. The bottom line is that over the counter drugs like antidepressants are never a permanent solution for any disease. They must only be taken on strict medical guidance and that too, in limited dosages.

By going through the above three major causes of low male libido you must have got an idea about some possible reasons for your low sex drive. Don't be involved in any acts or habits that reduce your vitality and make you vulnerable to developing medical diseases that invariably make your body weaker. Men experiencing low libido problems must not panic as they're not alone in this trouble.

Living a healthy lifestyle, 30 minute exercise per day, yoga and breathing exercises of 30 minutes thrice a week, and healthy eating habits can go a long way in restoring body's agility and health. You can also take natural libido enhancers to ensure a healthy body. It is never too late to start caring for your body.

Read the Buzzle article ways to increase libido to know more about how to deal with this issue. Schedule an appointment with a medical expert and start living an aware life so that causes of low male libido can be diminished. Normalcy in sexual life can be attained if you make efforts to achieve it. Stay healthy!