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Loss of Libido in Men: Tracking the Culprits

Loss of Libido in Men: Tracking the Culprits
Loss of libido in men over 50 can be related to aging issues. With increase in age, it is perfectly normal to experience episodes of low libido; however, lack of sexual drive in young men or rather middle aged men requires clinical treatment. For older men, who're gradually heading towards 50, it is natural to feel affects of aging and lifestyle changes can ensure that sexual health is not diminished. Enlisted below are some causes of low male libido.Alcohol abuse or rather alcoholism remains the biggest culprit when it comes to impotency in men. Watch out your drinking habits and you'll realize what is causing the whole problem.
Frequent consumption of controlled substances like cocaine.
Being overweight that falls in the range of obesity may often raise several health issues interfering with problems of low sex drive.
Hormonal disturbances in the body can also lead to fluctuating sexual drive in men. Sudden loss of libido in men can be related to under or over production of hormone regulated by the pituitary gland.
Lack of physical inactivity paving the path for numerous physical and mental issues like stress and feeling of discomfort in the body.
Medications that are used in testicle, prostate and reproduction related treatments may also result in lack of sex drive in men.
Low testosterone levels can be another reason for diminished urge to have sex.
Major medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
Stress and work load leading to exhaustion, fatigue and mental confusion. Normal stress is necessary but if stress is impairing your ability to focus on your personal life, it is dangerous.
The general notion is that men rarely have emotions which is wrong. Men are very emotional creatures though they may not like to reveal it. Depression due to any past trauma - failure, accidents, bad sexual experience, childhood trauma and even lack of self esteem are causes for loss of libido in men.
Relationship problems like mutual understanding, deep emotional connectivity, homosexuality issues, lack of physical attraction, boredom in relationship and very often conflict in views regarding sexual desires can also cause loss of male libido.
Treatment for loss of libido in men requires a holistic treatment methodology. If lack of sexual drive is connected to psychological issues like depression and lack of self esteem, counseling can be of tremendous help. Psychological issues can be controlled and there are extremely helpful therapies that can ease the debilitating questions in mind thereby ending any sort of mental trauma. In case of medical issues, proper diagnosis can track the cause of reduced libido. Many a times, natural libido enhancers help a great deal. Issues like normal testosterone levels or problems in testicles, prostate can be diagnosed to provide suitable treatment options. There are various ways to increase libido that will come to your help at this time. Schedule an appointment with an expert medical doctor and inform him everything about how you feel, your past medications, issues of drugs and alcohol (if any). Under able guidance of an expert doctor, loss of libido is very much treatable.