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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction
This article on male breast reduction will help you understand the situation in a much better way. This condition brings in a lot of emotional stress and uneasiness in men. Here's information on how to deal with this health condition.Is your chest too saggy? Are you too afraid to go out in public because of that? Do you wear large size shirts to protect yourself from embarrassment? Don't worry you are not alone. There are millions of other men who suffer from gynecomastia or commonly known as male breasts. It's a condition in which men experience swelling in the tissues of the breast. This condition can affect both men and boys at any age. Often the main rumored cause of this condition is the imbalance in the levels of testosterone and estrogen in the human system.

Shame, humiliation, insecurity and social trauma are some of the emotions that males suffer from when they develop gynecomastia. About 40% of the male population in the world today suffer from male breasts. In this condition males develop fat or glandular tissue in one or both breasts. This condition can affect one breast or both. Although no documented cause has yet been reported for this condition, doctors often blame the excess fat in the body and some even call it genetic. While it's not a life threatening condition, gynecomastia often causes a lot of pain in the chest. Due to a poor diet and lack of exercise, it's becoming more and more common in young boys. Boys going through puberty can also suffer from male breasts. In some cases this condition automatically disappears in one or two years. Some medical reports have also hinted that excessive use of products containing lavender oil also triggers the formation of male breasts. Men and boys using anabolic steroids are also on the risk of suffering from gynecomastia. More than half of the infants get this problem because of the low estrogen levels in their mothers. However, in most cases this condition disappears within weeks. Gynecomastia is also common in elderly men because of low testosterone levels in the body. So if you are a male who is suffering from gynecomastia, this article on male breast reduction will help you understand more about the treatment.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

If you really want to get rid of this problem then male breast reduction or liposuction is probably the best option. The surgeon starts the procedure by making small incisions around the nipple and other areas of the chest. Now a small metal tube known as cannula is used to suck out all the excessive fatty tissue in the chest area. If you are thinking of going in for surgery, make sure you go to a qualified plastic surgeon. Remember the surgeon will also check your health before advising you for surgery. Male breast reduction surgery is only performed on individuals who are emotionally, mentally or physically stable. Remember, that this surgery is a not a medical procedure to lose weight so people suffering from obesity cannot be taken as patients of gynecomastia. Individuals who drink excess alcohol and also smoke drugs are not considered good candidates for surgery. Avoid driving for a day or two after the surgery. The recovery period depends on your condition. You would also be advised to wear an elastic pressure garment for a day or two if you suffer from excessive swelling and pain. A sense of discomfort for a few days is natural. The post surgical pain can be managed with prescriptions from your doctor.

Male Breast Reduction Exercises

If you are not comfortable with the idea of going under the knife, then I suggest you try out some natural ways to avoid male breast enlargement. Doing only cardio vascular exercises is not going to be of any help. You also have to make sure that you practice lots of fat burning total body workouts for losing that excessive fat on your chest. Try cycling, aerobics, swimming, push ups, pull ups, running and various weight lifting exercises which concentrate more on chest building. Elliptical machines are also a great option as they give a great workout to both the upper and lower body.

The total male breast reduction cost usually depends on the fees of the hospital and surgeon. On an approximate basis, a gynecomastia surgery will cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $3,600. According to my research, most insurance policies don't cover gynecomastia, but again every insurance policy differs greatly. So it's advised to do a thorough research before going in for gynecomastia surgery.