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Coping with a partner's sexual dysfunction

Coping with a partner's sexual dysfunctionSexual disfunctions (Dis + of lats. Functio is activity), violations of potency, sexual excitability (absence of corresponding readiness to appearance of sexual excitation and violation of rate of flowing of sexual reactions), sexual excitation (absence of adequate sexual reactions on external and internal stimulation), sexual motivation (expressed of sexual appetence), and also capabilities (absence of capacity for the achievement of sexual satisfaction). Sexual disfunctions are divided by individual, when the flow of sexual intercourse (coitus), orgasm, libido is broken, and mutual, that is observed at sexual disharmony.
To sexual dysfunction that is inherent to the concrete partner pair belong in a partner pair (mutual). The symptomatology of these disfunctions essentially does not differ from such at individual sexual disfunctions, but causally they are closely related to personality of concrete partner. If a sexual contact comes true between two people not testing to each other of appetence, and, vice versa, showing sexual (in most cases she shows up at one of partners), then all complex of sexual mutual relations, defiant the indicated disfunctions, has secondary character, and main reason, is an unwillingness to have a sexual contact with a concrete partner. Mark veritable and imaginary sexual disfunctions. There are they both at different neuropsychiatric (including urology, gynaecological, endocrinology) diseases and at their absence. Most often in the clinic of sexual disorders meet: pathological strengthening and weakening of libido (hyper); weakening of erection at an attempt or during an intimate closeness (relative, absolute and electoral). At the protracted flow of sexual disfunctions the last acquire character.
Violations of libido and orgasm more often meet for women, and erection for men. On statistical researches of violation there are erections for men, doing impossible realization of sexual intercourse, in 10 times more often become reason of suicidal(ideas about murder) attempts, what sexual coldness for women, that also hampers realization of sexual intercourse or does him impossible. The last negatively influences on the feel of man, to a great extent dulls “feeling” of sense of life, and also reduces a self-appraisal. For a woman a sexual coldness becomes a problem only then, when a partner pair or family disintegrates in connection with her. Disorder of sexual function of one of the married couples sooner or later inevitably affects sexual experiencing of the second. And even if on the first stages of sexual disharmony to him and it is succeeded to manage with the sense of dissatisfaction and not give to the spouse cause for an anxiety, then with every subsequent month and year to do it becomes all more difficult.