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Causes of Impotence

Causes of Impotence
Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a sexual abnormality. The condition relates to the inability to maintain the erection required for sexual satisfaction. This abnormality can be very frustrating and takes a severe toll on the quality of life. Among the many causes of impotence are diabetes and cardiovascular diseases...Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction:

Sexual performance greatly affects the quality of family life and intimate relationships. Sexual arousal is the result of brain signals transmitted to the nerves in the pelvis region. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male finds it consistently difficult to develop an erection, even in the presence of sufficient mental and physical arousal. This condition arises due to a number of reasons, some of the most common being cardiovascular diseases, hormonal insufficiency, diabetes, prostatectomy surgery trauma, and even the side effects of certain drugs.

Impotence can also be triggered by relational or psychological problems. Psychological impotence is the result of a mental or psychological impact caused due to surfacing thoughts. This condition is commonly treated with the help of the placebo effect. Psychological impotence is also treated with the help of PDE5 inhibitor drugs like viagra and sildenafil. Today, there are a number of treatment options available to address the physical inability and the trauma. Some of them include:
Prostaglandin tablets.
Intracavernous injections.
Penile prosthesis.
Vascular reconstructive surgery.