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Tadacip Use

Tadacip Use
Tadacip(tadalafil) is a wonder drug indicated to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Tadacip was first become available to the public in 1998. Since then more or less 36 million men all over the planet has been very grateful for Tadacip for enhancing their sexual lives with their loved ones. According to reports, about six tablets of Tadacip are bought in the pharmacies every second all over the world. Thatís how famous and trusted this wonder drug is. No other drug can compare to Tadacip since its launch. It is considered the most studied oral drug management for erectile dysfunction.
One of the most common problems that men are facing right now is their problem about their sexual life. Impotence or erectile dysfunction seems a disgusting disorder for men and they tend to be depressed once they know that they have this even with the basic signs of impotency. Good thing that all men who have problem about their sexual life could correct their difficulties by using the supplement available in the market and in the drugstore. Using Tadalafil supplement could rectify the impotency of men.

Tadacip Composition
The medicine is mainly composed of the active ingredient which is Tadalafil, a substance that relaxes the muscle particularly the smooth muscles on the male organ. Tadalafil is marketed as tablet with different strength ranging from 5 mg to 10mg up to 20mg that is packed in 10 tablets.

Tadacip Use
The substance Tadalafil increases the blood flow and relaxes the muscle particularly in the male reproductive organ. This is taken by men who has erectile dysfunction or what is commonly known us impotency. In addition, the tablet is also used to treat hypertension in pulmonary artery thus improving the exercise capacity and sexual performance of men.

Available Strengths
Tadacip is available in three tablets dosages or strengths and they are the following:

10 mg
20 mg
The right dosage varies from individual to individual. It is best to consult first a physician to know the most suitable for you. Tadacip can only be taken one tablet per day, so do not overdose.

Tadacip Dosage and administration
Follow the recommended dosage set by your healthcare professional and be sure not to take more doses than the standard one as this may bring bad results. The common dose is one tablet each day and it should be strictly followed or a maximum of 10-20mg of Tadalafil tablet each day with or without proceeding sexual activity.

Tadacip Contraindication
Those who are currently under the medication of nitrate drug for heart failures and chest pain including nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate are not advisable to take this ant-impotency drug. Aside from those recreational drugs such as amyl nitrate or nitrite is also considered contraindicated with Tadalafil therefore an individual must avoid taking this medicine as these may react with Tadalafil that will cause complications.

Tadacip Important Precautions
Allergic to Tadalafil must refrain from taking the said medication. If your erection last for 4 hours then you have to stop the medication and speak to your doctor immediately. Stops smoking if you are taking this drug to have an effective result and refrain from undesirable outcomes at the end. Before taking the medication, let your doctor knows about what are the other prescription drugs you are currently taking because they might hinder the performance of Tadalafil and lessen the efficacy.

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Tadacip Side effects
Common side effects associated by using this impotency supplement drug are dizziness, nausea or vomiting, pain, numbness, arms and neck tingling, and prolonged erection that could damage the penis. The patient may also experiences visual disturbances and even vision loss when taking this medicine. The worst cases include heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes that are known to be life-threatening diseases. Some minimal side effects include skin rashes, hives, and itching, breathing difficulty, seizures, swelling in the mouth, tongue and lips, redness on the neck, face and chest and a flu-like symptoms. If any of these side effects continues and get worse, call your doctor immediately to discuss if you are still suitable to continue the medication.

Tadacip storage
Keep the medicine away from the sight of your kids and pets at home. You have to store it in an area where there is no direct light, heat and moisture; otherwise, the drug will be damaged.