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PriligyDapoxetin passed clinical tests more than in 22 countries all over the world, as a result of that was drawn conclusion - Priligy strongly improves duration of sex and carried well. Priligy is consonant with all preparations for increase potencies that you can buy in the internet to the pharmacy. Preparation is intended to the men for treatment of disorder of premature. Improves a mood, reduces tension, anxiety, stress, and sense of fear. Increases middle duration of sexual intercourse. A proof effect comes in 1-2 hours after a reception.
Priligy accept inward 1-3 hours prior to the expected sexual intercourse for to a 1 pill (60 mgs). Most activity of preparation is observed already in 1,5-2 hours after a reception.Premature is a problem approximately for 30% men in the whole world. This sexual disorder is widespread much more what, for example, disorder is erections the about 15% men of planet suffer that. Such prevalence is explained foremost by the large age-related spectrum of suffering premature, in a difference from erectile disfunction that the people of senior age are subject to mainly. Dapoxetin has all chances to outshine phenomenal success of preparation Viagra; his appearance is so highly sought.Novelty it is the newest preparation of company Johnson&Johnson - Priligy is accessible in pharmacies. Premature it is a widespread problem among men in Ukraine and in the whole world. Priligy assists the delay of orgasm and can do sex to 4 times longer. Priligy accept 1-3 hours prior to sex. It is needed to mark that preparation was initially developed as antidepressant, and his ability to prolong sexual intercourse for men was open almost by chance, however, as well as many other great opening in area of pharmaceutics. Pluses of market entry such preparation it is difficult to over-estimate, in fact the problem of premature meets at the masculine population of planet in two times more often. From the point of view of pharmaceutics Priligy belongs to the class of selective inhibitors of reverse capture of serotonin. In spite of the fact that preparation was developed as antidepressant, there is a cardinal difference between dapoxetin and antidepressants - the last is taken in and fully hatches from an organism during a few hours, unlike antidepressants at that this process can occupy a few days. Nobody will stand in the moment of purchase for you after a back and there will not be to pronounce aloud the name of preparation you, as in an ordinary pharmacy if you buy pills in on-line shop.