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Advantages Of Ordering Generic Levitra Online

Advantages Of Ordering Generic Levitra Online
Levitra online is an option for those who find it difficult to travel to a community pharmacy often. There are also times when you would not like to ask for the medication in front of many customers in the pharmacies. Moreover, the salesperson at the pharmacy may be known to you and you may find it embarrassing to ask for an erectile dysfunction pill. Levitra is the trade name of an inhibitor drug, vardenafil that restricts the enzyme PDE5. Indications and contraindications of vardenafil are the same as that of the other PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil citrate (trade name: Viagra) and tadalafil (trade name: Cialis). Levitra’s short effective time is almost the same as Viagra. The two major problems that erectile dysfunction sufferers face constitute the high price of branded Levitra and problems faced due to getting a prescription filled more often. Buying generic Levitra online addresses both problems.

United States is perhaps the only country where drug prices are not controlled. In the US, however, market forces determine drug prices. Elderly people living in remote areas often have problems with traveling long distances to a community pharmacy for buying Levitra. Moreover, there are times when the drug is not available and they have to take a long detour and find another pharmacy. When you buy generic Levitra online the drug is delivered at your doorstep without your having to leave home. The other advantage of ordering generic Levitra online is that it gives a substantial price advantage.

Besides the price advantage and convenience of home delivery generic Levitra online is also a surety that you are getting genuine medication. Generic online pharmacy is a smart technique that saves you money. A generic drug is a copy of the branded original drug and contains the same active component. The only difference is in patent protection.

Generic Levitra online is cheaper not only because it does not have patent protection but also because medication per se is cheaper in countries outside the United States. When you order generic Levitra online, the pharmacy, in all probability is located in a foreign country. It may be as near as Canada.

It may sound surprising but pharmaceuticals are actually cheaper in Canada as compared to US prices. The fact that online pharmacies focus on and promote generic drugs makes it all more attractive to buy generic Levitra online. Simply log on to an online pharmacy and after a few clicks of the mouse your order is on its way.

The difference in price between branded and generic drugs may be as much as 30%. However, only the price is discounted and there is no compromise on quality and efficacy. Generic Levitra online pharmacies supply medications that are produced by the same manufacturers that supply to community pharmacies in United States.