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Hard On Jelly Review

Hard On  Jelly Review
One Hard On Viagra Jelly pack contains 7 different sachets (each of them consists 100mg of sildenafil – the maximum daily dose for ED patients). Each sachet has its own peculiar flavor including: pineapple, mint, cherry, orange, strawberry, mango and lemon.
Hard On Viagra Jelly that contains sildenafil is referred to PDE5 inhibitors like all other brand derivatives of sildenafil including regular Viagra blue pills. The medication affects as a blood flow enhancer and a sexual stimulator letting cope with erectile dysfunction in a smooth and natural way.
The sachets of Hard On Viagra Jelly are absorbed faster than regular pills and can be taken by everyone who have difficulties with swallowing standard pills. Hard On Viagra Jelly affects rapidly and provides its effect straight to blood circulation and reproductive systems.
How to Take Hard On Viagra Jelly?
Usually it is recommended to take sildenafil at least 30 minutes before sexual activity to feel all desired effects. If you use Hard On Viagra Jelly you can take one sachet per time as required or on a daily basis. It is forbidden to take more than 1 sachet per every 24 hours. This dosage can be easily regulated by a healthcare provider if you have certain complications which may prevent you from taking a full single dose.
Side Effects and Precautions of Hard On Viagra Jelly
There are certain contradictions which may lead to limitations of Hard On Viagra Jelly dose and they include: age over 60 years, a serious liver/renal insufficiency, protease inhibitors (for example, for curing HIV symptoms), diabetes, ocular disorders, hypertension, heart disease, sickle cell anemia and a history of heart failures.
Hard On Viagra Jelly can’t be taken by women, especially during pregnancy or lactation, or by children.
Like most drugs Hard On Viagra Jelly sachets can provide serious side effects that can be avoided in a case of proper intake of the preparation. Adverse reactions of Hard Viagra Jelly sachets are:
• increased heart beating;
• difficulties in breathing;
• priapism;
• ocular problems;
• nausea;
• vomiting;
• diarrhea;
• skin breakouts.
If you notice these side effects revealed, immediately appeal to a doctor to find remedies.
Interaction of Hard On Viagra Jelly with Other Drugs
It is preferably to avoid taking Hard On Viagra Jelly along with similar PDE5 inhibitors (Cialis, Viagra or Levitra). Also prevent mixing nitrates like nitroglycerin-based drugs along with this preparation to avert the development of side effects.
Peculiarities and Recommendations Concerning Hard On Viagra Jelly
After the intake of Hard On Viagra Jelly do not follow having any heavy work because this rug can cause dizziness and convulsions.
Alcoholic beverages are also restricted to be taken along with Hard On Viagra Jelly because such interaction may lead to the internal stomach bleeding. High-fat meals intake prior to using Hard On Viagra Jelly may slow down the process of absorption and effect from the medicine.