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How Should I Take Caverta?

How Should I Take Caverta?
Caverta is a Sildenafil Citrate tablet made by Ranbaxy. It is the most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Caverta is a product made by Ranbaxy to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Its main active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate, the most effective compound in treating male erectile dysfunction.

How Should I Take Caverta?

About one hour before you expect sexual activity, take one Caverta tablet with a glass of water. The maximum dose is one per day, and you should not exceed that amount under any circumstances.

If you have taken more than the recommended amount, call the local emergency room as soon as possible.

As always, do not share Caverta with others.

What Should I Tell My Doctor Before I Take Caverta?

Let your doctor know if you have had:

Problems with your kidneys
Problems with your liver
Problems with your eyes
Problems with your heart
A previous stroke
An allergy to Sildenafil Citrate

What Should I Watch For While Taking Caverta?

Call your doctor immediately if your vision changes while you are taking Caverta.

If your erection lasts abnormally long (more than 4 hours) or if it starts to cause pain, call your doctor right away. This may turn into a long-term health problem if it is not treated as soon as possible.

If you get nauseous, dizzy, or start to experience chest or arm pain when engaging in sexual activity, stop and call a doctor as soon as you can.

Caverta does not protect against STD's, especially HIV or AIDS.

What May Interact With Caverta?

If you take any of the following, do not take Caverta:

Methscopolamine nitrate
Other sildenafil products
Caverta may also interact with the following medicines:

Blood pressure drugs
Drugs for the treatment of AIDS
Fungal or yeast infection drugs
Other medicines may also interact with Caverta. Check with your doctor to see if any of the medications you are on will interact with Caverta. If you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, or use illegal drugs, you may have issues with Caverta.

What Side Effects May I Notice From Caverta?

You should talk to your doctor as soon as possible if you experience any of the following while taking Caverta:

Hearing issues
Changes in heart rate
Chest pain
Rashes or allergic reactions
Vision issues
Painful or extremely long erections
Respiratory issues
The following side effects are pretty common and don't require the attention of a doctor if they do not persist:

Runny or stuffy nose
Head pain
You may experience other side effects from using Caverta. Talk to your doctor if you have any issues.

How Can I Store Caverta?

Do not let children handle Caverta. Keep it locked in a medicine cabinet that stays at room temperature. When your Caverta expires, dispose of it and replenish your supply.