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Common Penis Problems and Conditions
Peyronie's Disease (pay-row-KNEES) is acquired in adult life rather than at birth (like hypospadias). Men with Peyronie's disease usually seek medical attention because of painful erections and difficulty with intercourse.
Male Infertility And Testicular Sperm Extraction
Male factor infertility is accounted for in approximately 50% of couples attempting to conceive. This is attributed to a wide range of factors including stress, excessive use of recreational drugs, hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, hypospadias, obstruction of the vas defens, oligospermia, and infections. Azoospermia and necrospermia are among the more serious forms of male infertility and generally require infertility treatment in order to achieve a pregnancy.
Disorders of Penis
Disorders that affect the penis include balanitis xerotica obliterans, balanoposthitis, erythroplasia, infectious penile lesions, phimosis, paraphimosis, hypospadias, epispadias, vascular disorders, Peyronie's disease, impotence of an organic origin, genital warts (condyloma acuminatum), cancer of the penis, and other conditions such as fibrosis, and ulcers.
Pain During Intercourse
even have lasting psychological effects, such as fear of penetration, leading to impotence. Not surprisingly, equating pain with intercourse can put a strain on relationships.
Various Methods for Curing Peyronie's Disease
One of the most common disorders of the male appendage (if it can be called a disorder), is the bent penis. There are quite a lot of men whose male appendages are not straight and who suffer in silence, afraid of bringing their problem to a doctor or to do anything about it. However, when curing Peyronie's Disease there is still hope offered by the privacy of the cyberspace, which hides the traces of research.
Most Common Male Penis Disorders
Penis is most important part of the body of a man. Also it is an important external male sexual organ. Unlike other body parts of the body, The Male Penis can also be adversely affected by a variety of disorders and illness that can range from simple swelling to impotence.
Penis Health Secrets - How to Cure a Curved Penis
An issue that apparently effects a staggering 17 million Americans is curvature of the penis (curved penis disease). To the causal observer it's an issue that many may find trivial, but a great deal of men who suffer from this condition find it to be very embarrassing.
How To Fix Penile Curvatures Or Peyronie's Disease
One of the most common disorders of the penis are penile curvatures and Peyronie's disease. There are thousands of men all over the world who suffer from these conditions. The condition includes a slight bend or arc in the penis that happens during an erection. A man with Peyronie's disease has calcified or hardened tissues around the erectile tissue.
Curvature of the penis
Curvature of the penis is an abnormal bend in the penis that occurs during erection. It is also called Peyronie's disease.
Peyronies Disease Treatment Options
One of the most ordinary organ complaints are curvatures and Peyronies disease. There are numerous men all around the globe who undergo these ailments. This involves a small curve in the organ during an erection. A male suffering from Peyronie's disease has calcified tissues near the erectile tissue.