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Peyronie's disease?
Peyronie’s disease is characterised by the formation of hard, fibrous lumps on the penis. The lumps or plaques are first evident as swellings on the upper or lower portion of the penis, which later develop into hard scars that may cause curvature of the shaft of the penis. In most cases, these scars may not be painful and heal by themselves in a few months. In severe cases, they become painful and prevent full erection of the penis due to reduced flexibility.
About Priapism
Priapism is a rare condition which causes a persistent, and often painful, penile erection. Priapism is drug induced, injury related, or caused by disease, not sexual desire. As in a normal erection, the penis fills with blood andbecomes erect. However, unlike a normal erection that dissipates after sexualactivity ends, the persistent erection caused by priapism is maintained because the blood in the penile shaft does not drain. The shaft remains hard, while the tip of the penis is soft. If it is not relieved promptly, priapism canlead to permanent scarring of the penis and inability to have a normal erection.
What is Peyronie's Disease and What Options Do You Have to Correct It?
Peyronie's disease basically is a bent or curved penis that usually occurs because of a build up of plaque and scar tissue around the base or shaft of the penis it also usually can only be noticed when the penis is either hard or erect.
Phimosis: Causes
Among the many diseases and infections, there are a few which have a gender bias in the way it affects. One very common problem seen in males, but goes without much attention and which gets exploited by quacks is Phimosis. Many males are embarrassed to discuss this with others. Phimosis is the inability to retract the prepuce (foreskin) of penis over the shaft due to a narrow opening.
Peyronies Disease Treatment - Peyronies Disease Treatment With Drugs
Do you suffer from Peyronie's disease? Peyronie's disease is a disorder of the penis that can cause a lump within the shaft of the penis, pain in the shaft of the penis, and a bent penis. Many different Peyronie's disease treatments have been tried in the past. What has been found is that drugs can be effective in treating the disease. Let's look closer at Peyronie's disease and treating it with drugs.
Overview - Peyronie’s Disease
In Peyronie's Disease, hard nodules, called plaques, form in the sheath surrounding the vascular erectile tissue within the penile shaft.
Peyronie's Disease - Do I Have Peyronie's Disease?
Peyronie's disease can occur at any time but is more common in men aged 40-60 years. It affects 1 in 100 middle-aged men but experts suggest it is as common as 4%.
Peyronie's Disease - How You Can Cure Peyronie's Disease Naturally
Peyronie's disease is a condition that many people don't know much about. Its best known as curvature of the penis which is caused by fibrous plaques or scars situated along the shaft of the penis, on either side. The symptoms are characterized by the sudden or slow onset of pain in the shaft of the penis, especially in an erect position. This condition can play havoc in sexual relationships due to the look of the penis or the sheer pain in severe circumstances. Here we will look at a few options how you can cure Peyronie's Disease naturally.
Peyronie's Disease - What, Why, and How to Treat It
Peyronie's disease is caused by the buildup of fibrous materials called plaque in the penile tissues surrounding the shaft. Plaques are thick, hard tissues that are a form of internal scarring. Calcium compounds can also accumulate in the tissues and make plaque harder.
How Do I Treat Premature Ejaculation?
A common effect of diabetes is premature ejaculation. One common treatment involves the squeeze technique. If a man feels like he is going to ejaculate, the man or his partner squeezes the shaft of the penis between the thumb and two forefingers.