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Breast cancer awareness
Knowing what your breasts look and feel like, and checking them regularly, can help you detect when something’s wrong. This October, why not mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month by making sure you know what signs to look for.
Life After Breast Cancer Treatment
Many women are very uncertain and apprehensive about what to think, what to say and what to do after breast cancer treatment is over--at least for the time being--and they have recovered.
Breast Pain After Mammograms - Causes
Some women may experience pain after the mammogram has been conducted. It is the conduction technique which causes pain or discomfort in the breast. During a mammogram, the woman is asked to stand in front of the X-ray machine and the radiologist places the breast on a plastic plate like structure. There is another plastic plate on top. It is when these two plates are pressed that the breast feels an uncomfortable compression. The breasts are pressed hard in order to get an accurate result. Here are some pointers that may help you understand why there is breast pain after mammogram.
Breast Pain after Mammogram
Breast pain after mammogram is felt by many women. For some the pain is mild and the least bothersome. Here are the reasons as to why pain in the breast is felt after a mammogram is conducted...
Intimacy After Breast Cancer Treatment – Looking for a New "Normal"
Looking for a new “normal” with your loved one takes a coordinated effort. Physical, emotional, and spiritual changes will affect your physical relationship. Rebuilding your intimate life takes time, persistence, creativity, empathy, and good communication.
Will Painful Sex Persist After Breast Cancer Treatment?
I am a six-year breast cancer survivor, and I underwent early menopause because of chemo. I now have a thinning vaginal wall, which causes pain during sex and a slight amount of bleeding. I spent over three years not being sexually active, and now I want to know: Will this heal over time?
Breast Tenderness after Menopause
One of the first signs of menopause in women is noticing breast tenderness. Through this article, let us discuss about the reasons and remedial measures for breast tenderness after menopause...
Breast Cancer Can Seriously Upset a Couple's Sex Life
The diagnosis of breast cancer is not an easy one to cope with. Physical changes, exhaustion, nausea and pain from treatment, as well as changes to self-image, low energy, and the emotional turmoil the diagnosis causes can put strain on any intimate relationship. Maintaining a relationship when a diagnosis of breast cancer has been made is challenging, and the change in a couple's sex life may further disrupt the relationship. In order to remain close during this time, it is imperative that partners have strong, open communication with one another.
Sex After Breast Cancer
Enjoying your sexuality after a diagnosis of breast cancer is possible — the key is lots of patience and emotional support.
Sexuality and Breast Cancer
Sexuality is part of life, and all life experience may affect our sex lives and sexuality. Even if you haven't had a confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer -- you think you've felt a lump, a doctor suggested they'd like to take a closer look at something you hadn't noticed -- the possibility of breast cancer, the idea of it and all that it evokes, can affect your sexuality. We may not always say them out loud, but people often have questions about sex and sexuality early on in their experience with breast cancer, questions like: