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Sexual Problems in Women - What Increases Your Risk
The main risk factors for sexual problems are also those that affect a woman's sexual function and satisfaction. These include:
Sexual Problems in Women - What Happens
A woman's sexuality is influenced by her physical, psychological, and emotional state. Women have varied and interrelated reasons for feeling sexual. Women may be sexually active to
When is a Woman Most Fertile
Knowing about the most fertile days in a woman's cycle can certainly improve your chances of getting pregnant. Know when is a woman most fertile, in this article.
Lovegra has brought a revolution in the world of women’s sexuality by being the very first drug to address the insensitive problems of the reproductive system in a woman. Lovegra is a special pill that contains sildenafil so that it can directly asses the lack of libido in women. Most of the time, lack of sexual activity from a woman does not get the same attention as the man because females are passive partners in a sexual activity.
Lovegra is proving to be one of a kind medication that is specially formulated for sexual disorders in women. Consuming this drug is said to improve the flow of blood to the pelvic region. As a result women have reported an increased desire to make love. It is also responsible for better quality intercourse. This is effective for almost 4 to 6 hours after swallowing of the pill. Lovegra is one of the causes due to which women are realizing that they could be suffering from sexual dysfunction.
Sex Pain in a Woman can be a Symptom of Vestibulitis
When a woman is in such a pain that it feels as if her vagina is beeing torn apart during intercourse, the reason could be that she has or is about to develop vestibulitis.
How Can Aging Change Woman’s Sex Life
Ageing in humans is considered to be a multidimensional process of psychological, physical and social change. And no one can escape the changes of old age. As a woman steps closer to menopause she begins to encounter some changes that affect her sex life. Listed below are a few points to know how aging can change woman’s sex life
Four Stages of Female Sexual Response
A woman's sexual excitement can be identified with various physical changes that occur in the body. Typically there are four stages to a woman's sexual response. A woman goes through these various stages not only during sexual activity but also when she masturbates. The concept of 'exciting' differs for all women. What's exciting for one woman isn't so exciting for another woman. There are women who get excited, if their ears are nibbled, but other women might not find this enough of a turn on. For some women, fondling the breasts is tailor made for an arousal, but other women might not be comfortable with this kind of physical contact.
Tips on How to Give Your Woman the Best Sexual Pleasure!
For you to give your woman the right sexual pleasure, you must know what you are doing. Every man wants to be a stud and have their women begging them for more sex. This depends on your skills and techniques, women respond to men who can show so much emotion and sexual strength on them. Generally, women are different from men and it takes longer for a woman to orgasm compared to the male.
How Common Are Sexual Problems in Women?
A sexual problem is a decrease in or lack of sexual satisfaction. By definition, a sexual problem is distressing to a woman and/or her relationship with a partner. (What is distressing to one woman may not be a concern for another woman.)
The sexual response cycleThe cycle of sexual reaction has four phases: excitation, plateau, orgasm and permission. These phases are passed by both men and women, in spite of the fact that the temporal scopes of these phases differ usually for them. For example probability is that both partners will attain an orgasm simultaneously, small. In addition, intensity of reaction and time necessary on every phase are varied for everybody. Understanding of these distinctions can help partners it is better to understand bodies and responses of each other, and to improve the sexual experience. An organism of everybody is under influence of biological rhythms that directly affect feel and sexual excitability of man and woman. Certainly behavior of man and woman is in different cycles different from each other. Sexual cycles for men also depend on the level of hormones that really render affecting feel and sexual attractiveness of strong half of humanity.