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Statin side effects: Can they lower libido?

Statin side effects: Can they lower libido?
This is a topic of intense debate on many online message boards. However, there is no scientific evidence that statins reduce sex drive in either men or women
One concern expressed early on with statin use was possible delayed sexual maturation in adolescents and teens. Cholesterol is a precursor of sex hormone production, and there was concern that lowering total cholesterol in adolescents and teens may cause problems with sexual development. However, research — including a study of teens with familial hyperlipidemia — found no such effect.

Loss of libido has many potential causes, including aging, illness, chronic pain, medications and depression. Don't be embarrassed to discuss these concerns with your doctor. He or she can help you explore possible causes and treatments.

If you believe that your loss of sex drive coincides with the start of statin use and no other cause can be identified, your doctor may recommend switching medications to see if it makes a difference. However, don't stop taking your medications without consulting your doctor.