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Causes of Low Libido in Men

Causes of Low Libido in Men
All problems regarding lack of sex drive in men can be resolved by adopting proper treatment measures. But before that, men need to figure out the cause behind their decreased sex drive.Stereotypically, there is a notion in society that males have a higher sex drive than their female counterparts. The truth can shake your false assumption. Men's low sex drive issue can be called as one of the latent problems that majority of men experience daily; however, very few are vocal about it. Even in this advanced age, couples have certain myths about sex that are reflected in their ways while dealing with low libido issues in men. Both men and women rarely talk about men's libido problem - so says a study of sex therapists and counselors. Men find it demeaning to their manliness if they discuss problems of lack of sex drive. Women, on the other hand, feel they may be sidelined as unattractive or their partners may feel they're not able enough to arouse their passions.

Reasons for Low Libido in Men

Certainly, low sex drive problem in men is subjective and every individual case needs to be studied separately. Men need to weed out some assumptions in our society by logical analysis. First of all, sex is quite individualistic to every couple. The commonly held belief that couples must have sex twice or thrice a week is just a generalization. Ask people who have been married for years and they'll let you know that sex is important but it must be in sync with your priorities and desires. Hence, couples need not feel the pressure or anxiety to compulsorily get involved in sex twice or thrice or any fixed number of times a week. There is no formula for it, indeed. What matters is compatibility and care. Cultural pressure, established notions and other factors needn't measure your love and understanding. As long as you love each other, the spark will automatically be created. This doesn't rule out the possibility of the truth that men do encounter low libido problems. Why do men face low sex drive issues? What are the causes of low libido in men?That is the discussion further.

Getting straight into the matter, low libido problems in men can be attributed to many causes. Poor lifestyle tops the list of causes of low male libido. In recent years, a large number of health magazines and medical researchers have established the fact that Viagra usage has increased drastically in western nations. The obvious reason being the inability to perform at the end of a hard drinking day. Men don't have the necessary energy and nervous system coordination after heavy drinking to perform without Viagra. Heavy alcohol drinking and increasing intake of controlled substances are crucial reasons that have led to libido problems in men. Work related stress, leading to problems of fatigue and exhaustion, is one of the main causes of low libido in young men. Men, even in their mid 40s have started complaining of fatigue as a reason to avoid sex. Now all this points to nothing but a fact that priorities of men need to be managed effectively. You decide what exactly you want from life. Happy family, huge bank balance, heavy drinking, drugs, work load, lack of sleep - all these can't be done simultaneously. You can't dream of a happy sex life, if your priorities are distorted. If you drink in excess and don't expect to see its consequences on your sexual health, then it is ridiculous. Being realistic helps a lot. If there are way too many priorities in your life, try to either manage them effectively or rule out the ones that are least important.

Men may also feel cases of low libido due to several medical conditions which is quite understandable and needs medical treatment. Many a times, medical problems related to reproductive system can interfere with the desire to have sex. Testicle and prostate problems, cardiovascular illness, hypertension and even abdominal pain can stop men from advancing to their partners for sex. One of the other prominent signs of low libido in men is depression. Depressed men feel sad and frustrated that again kills the drive to make love and be physically intimate with the partner. Antidepressants, as medication, must be taken cautiously because their overdose can result in low sex drive. Many studies have concluded this fact. Moreover, limited consumption of antidepressants, if at all necessary, must be taken under strict medical supervision. Causes of low libido in men of older ages can be something normal like drop in levels of male sex hormone, testosterone. Just like women experience drop in their sexual drive during menopause, men also go through phases of bodily change in their 50s. If physical problems aren't the culprit, men must dive deeply into their emotional and psychological lives. Are they unhappy in their marriage only because of low libido issues, or is it hundreds of other problems that are compounding the libido problems? Also, if a relationship is not healthy, the desire to be physically inmate gets killed automatically.

These are the main causes of low libido in men. Couples must also understand that low libido issues pertaining to biological or psychological problems are quite treatable. To treat medical problems, doctors may suggest several treatment plans to men. In fact, various natural libido enhancers also come handy in improving this condition.

Expert medical doctors will inform men about various ways to increase libido. Couples should focus on strengthening the bonds with each other and showing more affection in times of crisis. Sometimes, too much emphasis on sex also leads to over thinking about problems leading to troublesome phase in a relationship. Lastly, couples must avoid comparing others sex life to theirs, because like everything in life, every couple is different.