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Statins May Be Contributing To Erectile Dysfunction

Statins May Be Contributing To Erectile Dysfunction
Statin medication is used to help lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is a growing problem in our population and the number of people using statins like Lipitor or Zocor is increasing. A new study links the use of statins like these to a decrease in testosterone, which could result in problem with erectile dysfunction.
The study focused on men who had complained and consulted a doctor about erectile dysfunction. While many previous studies only evaluated a small group of people, this study included over 3,000 men who had complained of erectile dysfunction. About 7 percent of those men were also taking statins in order to treat high cholesterol.

There are different ways to evaluate low testosterone levels. Researchers looked at total testosterone levels in the body, but also looked at testosterone that was in the blood stream. The men who were being treated with statins had lower testosterone levels than the men who were not being treated with statins. The link between the two, however, is not necessarily cause and effect. Researchers don't have a direct answer for why there is a correlation.

There may be a link between the two because sometimes low testosterone levels and the conditions that may cause a need for statins, can be caused by the same thing. Testosterone also needs cholesterol to be created, so the inhibiting properties in statins which help cholesterol to be produced at lower levels, may be interfering with the production of testosterone as well.

While lower testosterone levels do not necessarily result in erectile dysfunction, it is important to note that a lower sex drive is often the result of lower testosterone production, and can result in impotence or sexual dysfunction. If you are taking a statin in order to treat your high cholesterol, it is important to notice if there are any signs of lower testosterone. This can include a lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, or it can include things like needing to fall asleep after a meal if that is unusual, or not being as athletic as you had previous to taking the statins.

The link is still not known, and further studies are expected to be conducted, but it would not be a bad idea to consult your doctor if you are taking statins and are experiencing any of the effects of possible testosterone reduction. The doctor may be able to treat some of those symptoms, including erectile dysfunction if you are experiencing it.