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Fenofibrabrates, statins, ED & libido

Fenofibrabrates, statins, ED & libido
Although I have had ED for about 5 years, libido was not too bad until a few months ago, since when it has crashed to virtual zero. Looking back, the only change of medication that occurred around that time is that I moved from the statin, Crestor, to a fenofibrate.
I only started on Crestor about two years ago because my doctor said it would be a good idea as my lifetime Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio of 6.5 needed to be reduced at my age (69). I subsequently asked for a change to a fenofibrate because I had heard that this drug type increases HDL as well as reducing LDL.
More recent research on fenofibrates suggests that they can also have a dramatic effect on sex hormones and that ED and loss of libido are being increasingly reported as side effects. Mind you, that is also said about statins in general and the recommendation is simply to change to another type.
I guess this is just another of those medication puzzles that we have to contend with as we get older. Has anyone else here encountered any statin/fenofibrate/hormone problem?