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How Acute and Chronic Pain Work

Let us analyze what pain is, from a neurological point of view.

There are two basic types of pain: acute and chronic. The former occurs as an alert, informing the brain of a damage or potential damage if a certain stimulus persists. The latter, on the other hand, is not an alert and stays for a long time, even after the traumatic event has healed.

The Brain Can Overreact and Cause Chronic Pain

Pain is the brain's way of telling the body to get out of the way of a dangerous condition, or to make sure that a body part is protected while the healing process takes care of an already existing problem. In this manner, it works relatively effectively in protecting injured body parts. Over time, as the damaged tissues heal, the pain usually goes away on its own because the brain no longer senses the body part to be in danger of further injury.

Chronic Pain - Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Most people experience back, shoulder and neck pain at some point in their lives. Chronic pain is aches and pains that will not go away. Some people suffer for many years without relief.

Treating Chronic Pain - How to Find the Right One

Before the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act became law in 1914, the federal government basically left Americans alone to medicate with alcohol, opiates, and cocaine as they saw fit.

Chronic Pain Sufferers - Tips for Your Doctors Visits

Since breaking my back in 1998, I have been blessed with some exceptional physicians who believed in me and sincerely wanted to help me with my struggles with chronic pain.

The Best Way to Treat Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain

The Best Way to Treat Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain
Fibromyalgia chronic pain can be treated in a number of ways. Though this may seem to be good news, the flip side is that it does not have any particular means of diagnostics yet. What actually gets treated with fibromyalgia is its inherent symptoms. Sometimes the illness itself just gets treated over the course of time. Fibromyalgia chronic pain may happen on a regular basis, which is why a good means of chronic pain management is imperative.

How Pain Specialists Can Help You Tackle Your Chronic Pain

How Pain Specialists Can Help You Tackle Your Chronic Pain
It is important to take care of your heath, in order to ensure you maintain a healthy, long life. Of course, regardless of what you do, pain seems to always flare up, in different areas of the body. There are a few different options you have available for correcting the pain, but if it continues to worsen, you need to see a specialist, You don't want to live with pain forever, so it is essential to see what all you are able to do to correct the issue. Often, you just need to make a few minor adjustments in your daily routine, but on occasion, you do need to have a medical operation. Thankfully, with the proper pain management specialist, this is generally a standard procedure that they can perform.

Chronic Pain - Symptoms and Treatment

Chronic Pain - Symptoms and Treatment
Chronic Pain is more common among older people, but can afflict people of any age. There are many causes of pain, from old injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, worn joints or damaged cartilage. Treatment is often misunderstood due to the lack of visible or tangible symptoms to friends, family, and even practitioners. Only the sufferer really understands how severe and uncomfortable the condition is. Due to this, chronic pain is often misdiagnosed, and therefore under-treated.

The Chronic Pain of Arthritis

The Chronic Pain of Arthritis
Joint inflammation is the literal definition of arthritis, this term is often used to group over one hundred rheumatic diseases that cause pain, stiffness and swelling in your joints. We are going to look at the three main type and who is effected by them.

How to Manage Chronic Pain

How to Manage Chronic Pain
You can manage chronic pain using various interventions even though the discomfort is intractable. The first step is to discuss your discomfort with your physician to see an underlying condition requires medical attention before managing it on your own. In the meantime, you can use pain self help management techniques to make your discomfort manageable.