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Pain Relief and Chronic Pain Management

Humanity is unfortunately no stranger to pain. Regardless of where you live in the world, the socio-economic status you hold or your perceived level of happiness, you can be guaranteed that without fail you will experience some degree of pain in your physical body at some time during your lifetime.

Safe, Non Medication Products For Chronic Pain Relief

There are a lot of good, quite recent products coming in the marketplace every week. Many of the products are in the medical industry as a result of cost containment and better treatment outcomes. Some of these are very promising and are worth an additional look. Some of these have distinguished themselves amongst their users, and are now being spoken well of around the medical forums and are also growing rapidly in user acceptance. Among those that are looking really good within the product category of non drug treatments for pain relief, is one called interferential pain machines, IF, or interferential therapy..

How To Relieve Chronic Pain Without Prescribed Drugs

Taking over the counter drugs (OTC) is usually the first step in trying to get rid of those little nagging aches and pains we all suffer from during the normal course of our daily life. Most of the time these non-prescribed drugs work just fine. However, it is when the little aches and pains become a persistent chronic pain that we run into problems.

Chronic Pain Relief? Take This Pain Test and See If Your Pain is Chronic! Nurse's Test

If you have pain you may not know whether it's considered acute or chronic. Pain relief treatment options may be different if it's chronic than if it's acute. Pain is the body's way of letting you know that something is wrong. So of course when the problem/problems are solved then the pain should go away. Sometimes it continues even after you're sure you've solved the problems. When this happens your pain is considered chronic.

Myofascial Release Could Be The Answer To Chronic Pain

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds organs, muscles and bones of the body. The tissue surrounding muscles is called myofascia. Muscles are composed of fibers, and when a muscle is injured, these fibers become tense and shortened. Myofascia surrounding the muscle can tense up with the fibers, creating what is known as myofascial pain.

Heal Chronic Pain Naturally - Five Holistic Solutions

I see many chronic pain clients who have a tried a variety of western medical solutions to manage their pain with varying results. Some of these chronic pain solutions are successful but few address the root causes of chronic pain or offer a more holistic approach to healing.

Natural Chronic Pain Relief Using Combination Tens - Interferential Device at Home Or Office

Tens and interferential units are both used to block the pain signals along sensory nerve routes and often are used as natural and effective pain management. Interferential Stimulation differs from TENS because it allows a deeper penetration of efficacious electrical current in the tissue with more comfort (compliance) and increased circulation. 'For example, at a frequency of 4,000 Hz (Interferential unit) capacitive skin resistance is eighty (80) times lower than with a frequency of 50 Hz (in the TENS range).

Chronic Pain - The Emotional Effects

Unlike temporary pain, chronic pain is an intense and constant companion. The longer we suffer, the higher the chance that we will feel helpless, lonely, and angry. Our inability to engage in activities we used to do may cause us to become depressed, feel sorry for ourselves, and withdraw socially. We may be scared of the future and worry of becoming a burden to our family. We may even feel trapped and powerless over the circumstances.

How to Manage Your Chronic Pain Naturally Without Dangerous Drugs

What if I told you that you probably have this medicine in your house that can cause a potentially fatal condition to your brain and liver. Would you still take it?

Freedom From Chronic Pain - The Power of Metaphor

When I was first introduced to EFT at the beginning of 2004, I was desperate to alleviate the intense and chronic pain I was experiencing as a result of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). In particular, pain in my knee joints, thighs and neck, as well as the evening headaches which verged on migraines. One of the many symptoms of the illness is acute muscular pain and there were days when the pain was immeasurable.