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Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects and Alternative Treatments

Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects and Alternative Treatments
High Blood Pressure is not something to be taken lightly. But neither should lack of knowledge. Educating yourself on what works and what doesn't and why - can help you make better decisions for your health. Medication is the first choice of treatment when it comes to hypertension but is all medication good for you? Blood pressure medication side effects play a big part in your decision making process when choosing treatment.
This article will outline all possible side effects associated with BP medication and suggest alternative treatments for you to consider.

Medication in most cases will not cure high blood pressure it will just regulate it. Most people become dependent on these drugs for the rest of their lives. That doesn't mean that you can't revert this process. On the contrary there are alternative treatments you can choose to treat hypertension without the need to rely solely on medication.

Below is a detailed list high blood pressure medication side effects and commonly used drugs:

Vasodilators: this BP medication causes the blood vessels to open by relaxing the muscle in the vessel walls. Common side effects of this medication include: dizziness, hot flushes, headaches, nausea, excess hair growth, chest pains, fluid retention and heart palpitations.

Diuretics: A very popular drug used for removing fluid and excess salt from the body in order allow the blood to flow easier. Common side effects associated with this type medication includes: dizziness, frequent urination, breast enlargement in men, an increase in the levels of sugar in the blood, an increased rate of cholesterol, gets rid of important nutrients such as potassium, irregular heartbeat, erectile dysfunction and menstruation irregularities.

Ace Inhibitors: Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors causes the blood vessels to relax allowing blood to flow easier. Common ACE medication side effects include: heart palpitations, constipation, dry cough, dizziness, reduced appetite, headaches and swollen ankles.

Alpha Blockers: this BP medication reduces nerve impulses to the blood vessels thus relaxing them so that the blood can flow easier. Common side effects associated with this type medication include: headaches, weight gain, nausea, dizziness, a pounding heart and in very rare cases over prolonged use it can even cause heart failure.

Beta Blockers: this common treatment causes the heart to beat slower and with less pressure. Common side effects associated this medication include: cold hands and feet, depression, insomnia, exhaustion, shortness of breath, dizziness and a reduced sex drive. For most people that come off beta blockers, the rebound can be so dramatic to their health they many have to be put back on the treatment.

Alternative Treatments for High Blood Pressure

If you are currently on any of these drugs do not stop them but if you want to naturally and safely lower BP without dangerous side effects talk to your doctor about your intention to treat it naturally.

So what are your options for treating it naturally: Weight Management is the number one way to treat high BP naturally. Losing a mere 10 pounds can help lower your blood pressure, start with losing a pound a week. It's very easy to do and the results are very rewarding.

Regular exercise is the second most effective way to reverse BP. A mere 20 - 30 min. brisk walk daily will do more for your blood pressure in the short term than some of the common blood pressure medication we just talked about, not to mention the effect that brisk walking has on burning up calories.

Tackle your diet next to include proper nutrition - a popular diet for treating blood pressure is the DASH Diet.

Taking supplements such as CoQ10, Hawthorn, Selenium and Fish Oil can be very effective for your BP with no dangerous side effects.

Homeopathic remedies for treating hypertension include: Passiflora incarnate and Olea Europea to name just a few- well known for their ability to lower blood pressure.

Naturopathy is another type of holistic treatment that can help lower blood pressure naturally without any of the common blood pressure medication side effects.