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Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood Pressure

Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood PressureOver time, high blood pressure damages your blood vessels, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. While it’s critical to get high blood pressure under control, ED is a side effect of some blood pressure control medications for some men.
In fact, many medications have ED as a side effect, but “hypertensive drugs are classically the worst,” says Nehra. However, he emphasizes, you don’t have to endure this side effect. Talk to your urologist about medications that will counter ED without affecting your blood pressure meds.

Talking to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction and Your Heart

Despite research that supports the link between ED and heart health, your doctor may not be thinking of your heart when he’s talking to you about ED.

Here are some questions to ask your doctor:
Could ED be a sign of heart disease? Tell your doctor about any heart disease risk factors you may have, such as:
A close relative with heart disease
High cholesterol or blood pressure
Overweight or obesity
How severe is my ED? Urologists have tools that help determine whether ED is mild, moderate, or severe, and what can be done about it.
Could I be depressed? Depression is linked to both ED and heart disease.
What can I do to prevent a heart attack and help my ED? Many of the same steps can be taken to improve both, including:
Treating heart disease risk factors
Being physically active most days of the week
Stopping smoking
What are my “numbers”? Work with your doctor to measure and control:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Excess weight
Blood sugar levels
Is ED normal for my age? The reality is that ED is more common as men age, but don’t just assume that your erectile dysfunction is just age-related. Ignoring it could mean putting your heart at risk.

Listening to your body — including your penis — will help you get control of heart disease while there is still time to make important lifestyle changes to preserve your health.