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Relationship between Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

Relationship between Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction
Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered to be well connected with erectile dysfunction in almost every individual with one of these conditions. Most men with high blood pressure are actually having erectile dysfunction .Also those who have problem with having a stiff and hard organ have high chances of having hypertension later in their life.
Both the conditions are interrelated. This shows that there is compatible relationship between these two problems, one leading to the other. High blood pressure causes damages to the blood vessels causing damages to the arteries and veins of the male reproductive organ. Actually these arteries become raised during sexual stimulation thus allowing more blood to flow to the tissues of the male reproductive organ hence making it stiff and erect. It is considered that when an individual have hypertension, it causes small tiny arteries in the male reproductive organ to tear which are later become repaired. This condition of tearing and repairing can happen thus making these tiny arteries to become thicker, weak and unable to resist damage. The damaged arteries become weaker thus making them to be unable to respond faster for excess blood during flow of blood to the erectile tissues of the penis. In some cases there is no relationship between hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Some individual may have high blood pressure for longer time and they donít have any problems with erecting, while others may have erectile dysfunction but donít have hypertension at all.

Drugs are the Cause
Some drugs which are being used to treat or control hypertension are also considered as predisposing factors of erectile dysfunction as one of the side effect of these drugs. Drugs like thiazides diuretics like frusemide, aldactone, atenolol, enarapril are considered to cause erectile dysfunction. This two medical condition share the same pathophysiological route way like oxidative stress-induced endothelial dysfunction activity and they have different pathological processes of vascular dysfunction. When the bio availability of testosterone level in blood decreases, it causes hypertension and also erectile dysfunction hence hypertension is a risk factor for lack of rigidity of the organ. The association between erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure is attributed by either anti-hypertensive drugs or vascular condition.

Factors leading to Erectile Dysfunction

Hormonal deficiency or abnormalities is another factor which is considered to cause erectile dysfunction in hypertensive men. The high level of prolactin level in the body is another factor which is considered to cause these problems. Men with high level of prolactin hormone shows problem of erecting and also have hypertension.
Both erectile dysfunction and hypertension affect mostly older men although some younger men may have these medical conditions. Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors such as hypertension. Blood pressure itself can damage blood vessels including those of male reproductive organ thus causing impotency in men.
Diabetes mellitus is another factor to consider which cause hypertension and erectile dysfunction medications such as those canused to control blood pressure.
Some exercises that need excess stress can cause heart problems hence leading to hypertension which can also cause erectile dysfunction due to damage of the arteries.
The first step to dealing with erectile dysfunction related to high blood pressure is to treat erectile dysfunction and keep a check on the blood pressure. If the high blood is way above normal, then concentrate on lowering blood pressure instead of concentrating on drugs used to control erectile dysfunction. Recent research have found that genes therapy and stem cells derived from adipose tissues have been more effective in the management of both hypertension and erectile dysfunction at go. Changes in lifestyle and eating habits also have a profound impact.