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What Causes High Blood Pressure in Women

What Causes High Blood Pressure in Women
Knowing what causes high blood pressure in women helps in finding out preventive measures for the same. To know the causes of hypertension in young and older women, read on...
High blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart diseases and heart attack in people. In scientific terms, blood pressure can be defined as the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of the arteries. Sometimes, due to specific reasons, the blood pressure increases drastically, which can be an alarming condition. The condition is known as high blood pressure or hypertension which is the cause of several diseases. When one suffers from chronic hypertension, he is at the greatest risk of suffering from life threatening conditions. Therefore, it is essential to prevent hypertension and maintain normal blood pressure. But it is essential to know the causes of high blood pressure before finding out its preventive measures. Are you wondering what causes high blood pressure in women? Let us find out.

Causes of High Blood Pressure in Women

There is a lot misconception in several parts of the world that only men and older women suffer from hypertension. On the contrary, one should remember that high blood pressure can be experienced even by younger women and they too are at a high risk of suffering from disorders related to hypertension. Hypertension is divided into two stages. Systolic blood pressure 140 and above, and diastolic blood pressure 90 and above is termed as high blood pressure. Hypertension is also divided into two types: essential high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure. There is no known cause for essential high blood pressure; however, genetics and heredity are believed to be the potential causes. On the other hand, secondary high blood pressure can be caused due to several reasons. The following are the causes of secondary high blood pressure in women:

Birth Control Pills
If wondering what causes high blood pressure in young women, then note that use of birth control pills and other drugs leads to hypertension in young women. Frequent use of birth control pills, legal and illegal drugs, frequent use of medications like ibuprofen, can lead to water retention and thinning of arteries which increases the blood pressure.

Pregnancy is also one of the top most causes for high blood pressure in women. So, what causes high blood pressure in pregnant women? Women with pre-existing high blood pressure, or those suffering from kidney diseases or diabetes experience high blood pressure during pregnancy. Secondly, obese pregnant women and those undergoing pregnancy after 40 years of age are at a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure.

Obesity is another prominent cause of hypertension in women and men. Having a high fat and high cholesterol diet leads to obesity and high blood pressure. The excess cholesterol in the body gets deposited in the arteries which narrows them resulting in high blood pressure.

Apart from the above mentioned major causes, there are several other potential causes of high blood pressure in women. Following is a list of some other reasons that also contribute in causing hypertension:
High sodium intake
Kidney diseases
Old age
Physical inactivity
Preventing High Blood Pressure in Women

You must have noticed that most of the causes of hypertension are man-made and hence, they can be managed to reverse or prevent the condition. For e.g., one can quit smoking and alcoholism in order to prevent high blood pressure. Secondly, it is essential to get rid of obesity, reduce the intake of salty and fatty food, and maintain a healthy weight. Thirdly, those suffering from other diseases like diabetes or kidney diseases should get the condition treated, or take medications regularly, to prevent blood pressure from rising. Women should also limit the intake of drugs and consult a doctor before going for any birth control pills. Women should also look for relaxation techniques to reduce stress and lower blood pressure immediately. Lastly, pregnant women, already suffering from high blood pressure should inform the doctor about it, so that the doctor can monitor the changes in blood pressure.

Now that you know what causes high blood pressure in women, you can surely look for methods to prevent it. You can go through the write-up on normal blood pressure for women to know what should be your ideal blood pressure. If you have been prescribed medications for lowering high blood pressure, you should take them regularly. Remember that heart diseases and several other conditions can be prevented by controlling high blood pressure and maintaining it at the normal level. Take care!