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What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?
Back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain: it affects millions of people every day. There are countless types of chronic back pain, however they generally fall into one of four categories: mechanical back pain, back pain caused by injury, back pain caused by disease and back pain resulting from infection.
Mechanical problems are problems associated with the spinal column or surrounding muscles that may make you more susceptible to back pain. These include conditions such as:

Herniated disk
Muscle tension
Kyphosis (hump back) or lordosis (sway back)
Disc degeneration
Back pain caused by injury includes accidents (such as a car crash or a fall) as well as repetitive damage over time. Some examples include:

Spinal fractures
Muscle sprains and strains
Ligament damage
Diseases or conditions can cause back pain if they target the back (a direct cause), or if they place excessive strain on the back (an indirect cause). Some examples:

Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis)
Other medical conditions that can cause back pain include:

Kidney stones
Infections or tumors are another potential cause of chronic back pain, though they are the least frequent cause of chronic back pain. Some examples include:

Spinal abscesses or tumors (primary or metastasized)
Disk infections (diskitis)